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Apr 10

Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg

       Urwerk is young watch-making company, rooted in 1995, when two gifted watchmakers, who also shared blood ties, the brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, and their friend, a visionary designer and artist, Martin Frei realized that have the same artistic goal. The three enthusiast friends decided to create a watch-making company that follows a forward-thinking philosophy and has a vanguard approach to the horological creation. That is how, in 1997, Urwerk SA started its journey following a dream, and took a road that has never been taken before.

       Recently, the youthful brand created an impressive new timepiece, the outstanding Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg watch, a bold masculine watch, which masterfully merges supreme mechanical sophistication and timeless beauty, created in the unmistakable Urwerk unmistakable style.

       The watch features an oversized robust case, measuring 50mm x 36mm x 13.5mm, which is available in black AITiN-treated steel, or in a more precious, 18-karat variation, which incorporates in its rather futuristic architecture a winding crown, located at 12 o’clock position, and a backside control panel, manufactured from titanium.

       A superb reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic Tarantula watch, the New Mexican Fireleg, impresses through its charismatic design, signed Martin Frei; it features a highly functional backside fitted with power reserve indicator and 15-minutes and seconds dials, and a screw for hour adjustments.

       The watch features an intriguing dial, which displays the hours on satellites, orbiting the watch’s central Geneva crosses; furthermore, the black sporty dial of the timepiece is accented by the vibrant orange and grey highlights, and luminescent-treated Arabic numeral markers, which increase the time-legibility and sporty dynamic appeal of the watch.

       At the heart of the highly contemporary Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg watch beats the high-precision hand wound 3.04 caliber movement, equipped with a black ARCAP P40 triple plate, and which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 beats per second, thus conferring the advantage of an irreproachable functionality, and 36-hours power reserve.

       Created for an audacious contemporary man, who shares his passion for high-end mechanical wristwatches, with the fascination for futuristic gadgets, the remarkable Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg watch, is available matched with a stylish black alligator leather strap, and will be a highly exclusive edition of just 60 items, available for a price tag around $100,000.00.

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