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Jul 21

Urwerk UR 203 Special Edition

       Recently Urwerk introduced another sophisticated horological creation, the remarkable new Urwerk 203 Mens Special Edition Watch, which belongs to a limited line, of 20 timepieces, and which embodies the life-guiding principles and philosophy of the brand. Continue reading

  Jul 15

Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie

       Recently Urwerk released a superb new model, which combines the watchmaker’s mastery with the fine art of the jeweler, the new Urwerk UR 103 Joaillerie Watch a stunning interpretation of the brand’s iconic UR 103 model, first introduced in 2003. Continue reading

  Apr 14

Urwerk UR103 ‘Hexagon’ Black Supremacy

       UR103 ‘Hexagon’ features a revolutionary time-display, indicating the hours and minutes on hexagonal satellites instead of the classical central display, fitted with hands. Furthermore, the sporty black dial of the timepiece is fitted with luminescent-coated, Arabic numeral hour and minutes indices Continue reading

  Apr 10

Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg

       Recently, the youthful brand created an impressive new timepiece, the outstanding Urwerk UR-103T Mexican Fireleg watch, a bold masculine watch, which masterfully merges supreme mechanical sophistication and timeless beauty, created in the unmistakable Urwerk unmistakable style. Continue reading

  Apr 7

Urwerk UR-CC1 Watch

       Recently the original luxury watchmaker brought to life another superb sophisticated model, the eye-catching UR-CC1 watch, a charming timepiece that draws its inspiration in the fascinating world of retro automotives and, in a vintage Patek Philippe 1959 model and beautifully combines multiple linear displays. Continue reading

  Apr 3

Urwerk UR-202 ‘Turbine Automatic’

       Challenging everything that has been done before, Urwerk, always rebelled against the contemporary trends of the watch-making industry, and strived to create innovative timepieces ahead of their time, just as the latest audacious creation of the brand – the sophisticated UR-202 Turbine Automatic. Continue reading





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