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Oct 31

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon

        Ulysse Nardin or a genuine stroke of genius as it was defined in countless occasions is a prestigious watch-making powerhouse, which has a well established place among the finest representatives of today Haute Horology finest aute powerhouses. This brand became a symbol of perpetual renewal and creativity always going against the Swiss watch-making mainstream current, in its continual struggle of over a century and a half, towards creating, innovative new models, which mix the technological advancement, unmistakable passion and a firm commitment towards innovation and flawless artisanship.

         Having an impressive tradition, Ulysse Nardin, never ceased to prove that, in the watch-making world, challenges are nevertheless intriguing opportunities of breaking the known patterns of design and engineering in order to create the ultimate proof of ingenuity, free-thinking and creativity and, Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon is an outstanding proof of the great Nardin commitment to creating sublime objects of horological art. The model represents a fascinating intertwining of the exquisite art of jewelry-setting and Nardin’s watch-making mastery. This fascinating luxurious model is embellished with a sparkling total of 568 prime quality baguette diamonds and 234 glittering royal blue sapphires also baguette cut.

        The elegant round platinum case of Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon, measuring 43 mm in diameter is set with custom-cut precious stones manufactured by a skilled stone-cutter to perfectly fit the shape of the case. This amazing model is completed by a sophisticated platinum bracelet also set with 432 baguette-cut glittering diamonds and 176 sparkling sapphires, but this is far from being all it can display the model’s winding crown is adorned with 8 diamonds and one cabochon sapphire.

        This luxurious timepiece is animated by a manual winding movement, the Ulysse Nardin Caliber 79, which features blue sapphire main plates and bridges and the exquisite Flying Tourbillon. Also its skeleton component parts are harmoniously united in a perfectly symmetrical structure of timeless translucent beauty and one can surely wonder through what mechanical miracle the flying tourbillon continues to revolve weightlessly in its sophisticated cage. This astounding movement ensures 100 hours power reserve and, moreover the elegant watch features an anti-glare treated sapphire crystal as well as the sapphire crystal of the case-back and it can withstand up to 30 meters beneath the water surface.

        This amazing masterpiece of Ulysse Nardin’s craftsmanship was manufactured in only 30 pieces and is also available fitted with a navy alligator leather strap and comes for an exclusive price range starting with $230,000.00

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