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Sep 20

Ulysse Nardin Golden Dream

        Referred to as a stroke of genius – Ulysse Nardin stands up to the height of its renown, being a worldwide awarded manufacturer that always went against the Swiss watch-making mainstream trends, always bringing, for over 160 years, brand new, innovative models, which stand among the pioneer timepieces of the technological advancement but are also unique combinations of passion, innovation and stellar artisan ship in the today’s finest Haute Horology.

        Embodying a philosophy cultivated throughout more then a century and half, Ulysse Nardin gathered an impressive heritage, becoming a powerhouse which never ceased to prove that, in the watch-making world, challenges are nothing but intriguing opportunities of breaking the known boundaries of design and engineering in order to create the ultimate proof of ingenuity, free-thinking and originality.

        With its Golden Dream Collection, Ulysse Nardin creates a refined line for ladies, which remains faithful to the brand’s philosophy, and, rises up to the majestic dimension and romantic connotations of its name. Being both delicate and sophisticated, Golden Dream is a combination that guarantees success, converting it in a real coveted item which surely adds a plus of refinement to a lady’s wrist.

        Committed to reinvent the traditional patterns of the classic design for luxurious, diamond-embellished timepieces, once again Ulysse Nardin demonstrates that, in the world of Haute Horology, it is a brand defined by extreme originality and creativity.

        The Golden Dream features a unique, highly personal texture for the 18 karat yellow gold, broad bezel surface which combines in a strikingly attractive way the gentle glow of gold with the diamond’s spark, embodying every girl’s romantic golden dream.

        Ulysse Nardin retains the classic pattern in its white, mother of pearl dial which is completed by 12 diamond hour markers, and provides a delicate contrast with the intricate bezel decoration. Animated by the Caliber UN 810, the model is completed by an elegant beige alligator strap.

        Moreover we must add that the talented Ulysse Nardin artisans have manually carved both the elegant case and bezel of every single timepiece of the collection.

        As another unmistakable feature of this timepiece we can also mention that it was adorned with 40 diamonds differently shaped, which confer it a special individuality being able to bring the glamour and distinction coveted by all the fashionable ladies who afford to pay its rather exclusive price.

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