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Aug 21

Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time

        The prestigious watch-making brand Ulysse Nardin has been on the market for more than 150 years, time in which it has offered its fans specialized timepieces of the highest technical level and of the most innovative design. Awarded with 18 international gold medals and other 4300 prizes in chronometric excellence, Ulysse Nardin is proud of establishing a tradition of quality and mechanical innovation.

        One of the most impressive collections presented by Ulysse Nardin is the Dual Time collection, which includes 5 timepieces of exquisite taste and acknowledged quality. These 5 timepieces are: Dual Time 42 mm, Dual Time Ladies, Executive Dual Time, GMT ± Big Date and Quadrato Dual Time. All of these creations fit the Ulysse Nardin profile cherishing values such as quality, good taste and style.

        The watch we are presenting today is called Executive Dual Time, a wristwatch released in 2009 that introduces a new fashionable material in the watch-making industry- ceramic. This new Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time is available in two versions, one of them is made of stainless steel, while the other of 18 carat rose gold. The case measures 43 mm and is accompanied by a ceramic bezel, offering a complete unique design. The pushers are also made of ceramic to give unity to the whole appearance.

        The Executive Dual Time displays an elegant black dial with oversized Roman numerals inscribed on it and three-dimensional chiseled hands. Some other worth mentioning design specifications are the oversized date that can be found at the 2 o’clock position, small seconds at the 6 o’clock position, a Dual Time inscription at the 9 o’clock position and pushers at the 8 and 19 o’clock positions. If you press the pushers they will instantly adjust the hour hand to a different time zone, while the home time indicator will continue to function normally using its 24 hour cycle.

        The watch has also a self-winding movement mechanism and a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The mechanism is visible through the case back which is made of sapphire crystal, just as the front anti-reflective crystal.

        The new Executive Dual Time is available on an alligator strap or on a strap made of rubber. Both straps go hand in hand with the unique black design and give a touch of elegance to the watch.

        This Executive Dual Time by Ulysse Nardin is focused on the idea of traveling and it is perfectly fit for the business men all around the world that are engaged in an international working environment. Enough with the question: “What time is it at home?” because this new watch offers you both the home-country time and the local time. Planning a video-conference from now will be piece of cake with this Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time on your wrist.

        By creating this watch, the brand Ulysse Nardin was once again put in the spotlight and we wouldn’t be wrong in saying that that’s the right place to be judging by the quality, designs and functionality of its creations.

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