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May 5

Ulysse Nardin Cresta Limited Edition

       A powerful Swiss watch-making brand, defined as a stroke of genius, by its official website, Ulysse Nardin, carries on more than one century of horological innovation, and pioneering among the most respected representatives of today’s luxury watch-making industry. The brand always strived to reinvent the shapes, textures and to upgrade the mechanisms that animate its sophisticated timepieces, and if it went against the Swiss watch-making mainstream, it was only in order to push even further the known limits of innovation and originality.

       Time and again, the brand proved that in the elitist world of today’s Haute Horology, challenges are nothing but amazing opportunities to redefine the traditional concepts of engineering and design in order to create the ultimate proof of watch-making originality, artisanship and creative passion.

       Recently, at the 125th anniversary, of the prestigious St. Moritz Tobogganing Club, Ulysse Nardin brought to life another superb limited edition of 12 commemorative timepieces that will be commercialized exclusively at the Cresta Club House, in St. Moritz- the outstanding new Cresta Limited Edition watch.


       The watch features a stylish, masculine 18-karat white gold case, which demonstrates a nice combination of brushed and polished surfaces, making a wonderful contrast against the watch’s 3D dial, personalized with the club’s emblematic colors- orange, bright blue and purple. The sporty dial of the timepiece reveals three 18-karat gold plates, manually engraved, with the brand and the club’s names and the year 1885 -2010, the commemorative launch year and this year, while the number 125 is revealed inside the seconds counter located at 6 o’clock. Furthermore, the timepiece displays a two-digit date, through a wide aperture, located at 2 o’clock.

       As for the mechanism, that animates this sophisticated Cresta Limited Edition watch a watch connoisseur will surely want to know that it incorporates a Silicium escapement, as well as 52 jewels and that it oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour, providing immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability, as well as a good 50 hours power-reserve. Furthermore, the self-winding mechanical movement, the caliber UN-160, beating inside the Cresta Limited Edition watch, received a COSC-chronometer certification.

       Especially created for a modern, charismatic gentleman, keen on high-end sophisticated horological items, the beautiful Cresta Limited Edition watches, come matched with a stylish blue leather strap, and it will probably have an exclusive price tag, of over $10,000.00.

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