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Nov 30

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

        A stroke of genius – as the brand’s site defined it, Ulysse Nardin, lives up to not only to meet the high expectations hereby raised, but also to exceed them. Being a world wide awarded watchmaker Ulysse Nardin not only once has gone against the Swiss watch-making mainstream current, in its desire of designing innovative new models, which mix, not only pioneer concepts of technological advancement but also blend unique passion for innovation and watch making artisanship.

        During over a century and half, this renowned brand never ceased to prove that, in the watch-making world, challenges are nothing but intriguing opportunities of breaking the known boundaries of design and engineering in order to create the ultimate proof of ingenuity, free-thinking and originality. But this time Ulysse Nardin’s innovative genius crossed the watch-making border line, creating a fascinating unique-in-the-world watch-cell-phone hybrid or the first mechanical cell phone ever built.

         With its partner, European company SCI Innovations, Ulysse Nardin stepped into a virgin territory becoming a pioneer in the mechanical cell-phones industry. Ulysse Nardin Chairman as their masterpiece was named will be produced in a limited series of 1846 pieces and will surely be a great delicacy for those who are keen on sophisticated high-tech gadgets.

        Remaining fateful to the cherished principles and values of the brand’s traditional watch-making mastery this mind-numbing hybrid, goes far beyond the ephemeral fashionable caprice boundaries, being at the same time a remarkable blend of the horological artisanship and next generation’s technological advancements.

        The Ulysse Nardin Chairman Mechanical cell-phone retains the unmistakable Ulysse Nardin’s DNA in emblematic elements like the screw-down push-pieces, the imbedded iconic Ulysse Nardin anchor, the brand’s signature rotor displayed through the hybrid’s back, was harmoniously integrated into the gadget’s movement and aesthetical structure. The energy produced by the motion of the rotor powers an integrated kinetic battery which along the AC-plugged in battery ensures perfect phone functionality.

        Among other amazing features of this luxury mechanical cell-phone we can also mention that it is equipped with the latest-technology operating system, perfectly displayed on the multi-touch screen, for safety reasons the highly sophisticated phone was fitted with finger print reader for unlocking and navigation functions, and just as a any high-performance cell-phone it is equipped with 5 megapixel camera, e-mail client, internet browser, and WI-FI and the design of the tough screen mimics the classy aspect of Ulysse Nardin Quadrato Dual Time watch. An incontestable, mind-numbing creation of a true engineering genius, Ulysse Nardin Chairman is surely expected to come with a very exclusive mind-numbing price tag.

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