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May 6

TX Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone

       Created just a few years ago, TX Watch Company is one of the most impressive members of the watch-making industry, and every time around, it exceeded both the expectations of its youthful clientele, as well as those of enthusiast watch connoisseurs, with remarkable timepieces which merge outstanding aesthetics and immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

       The watches created by this young brand, nevertheless, embody the purest ideals of style and substance; they provide the best quality – price ratio. At the heart of a TX Watch beats an accurate German quartz movement and the aesthetical perfection of the timepiece is ensured by some of the most prestigious designers from Italy.

       Recently, the brand created another superb chronograph model, which masterfully merges remarkable precision and the TX, unmistakable style and sophistication- the new TX Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone, a superb addition to the brand’s 730 Series.

       The watch features a robust 316L stainless steel case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, available in 4 superb variations, in steel, steel with black PVD-coating, steel with gold-like coating and steel and PVD coated steel with gold-like distinctive accents. The sophisticated architecture of the cases incorporates an enameled crown personalized with the brand’s logo and it provides a good 100 meters water resistance.

       All the variations of the model are matched with sporty dials fitted with distinctive orange accents and luminescent-coated hour indices and hands; furthermore, they provide outstanding functionality displaying elapsed time with a precision of up to a 1/5 of a second. The watch features an electronic compass, and the watch’s bezel is equipped with a special mechanism for accurately tracking the position. The high-precision ETA six-hand mechanism that animates this sophisticated timepiece also ensures a wide variety of useful functions asides from central hours, minutes and Fly back chronograph, and it also provides second time zone, tachymeter and date.

       Inspired by the timepieces especially created for professional pilots, the remarkable TX Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone goes beyond the level of simple timekeeping instrument, it is also a very stylish accessory, appropriate for a modern, self assertive man. The timepiece comes either matched with a stylish leather strap or a more masculine steel bracelet, and it will be available for a price tag around $450.00.

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