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Jul 7

TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph

       A youthful watch-making brand, which goes back only 5 years ago, TX Watch Company, always strived to offer its customers the most surprisingly sophisticated timepieces, defined by a perfect blend of extremely accurate mechanisms, produced by the skilled German engineers, and aesthetic perfection achieved by the Italian designers, a mix that, until now, was provided only by elite watch-making brands.

       Through its short existence, the brand never ceased to impress watch connoisseurs worldwide, with extremely fashionable timepieces, which provide a remarkable timekeeping accuracy, functionality and an eye-catching seductive design, which every time around goes beyond expectations.

       Recently the brand brought another spectacular new addition to its TX Linear Chronograph Collection, a watch-line that certainly pushes one-step forward the known boundaries of technological innovation and forward-thinking design- the new TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph Watch.

       Freed from the traditional circularity, this new aesthetic concept of time reading, based on a bi-directional motor, which propels the linear chronograph hand located at 9 o’clock, ensures a vanguard straight-line time measurement.

       The model was produces in 9 exquisite variations, which feature either a massif titanium carbide or a 316L stainless steel case, measuring 47 mm, respectively 44 mm, for the steel variations, and which ensure a good 100-meter water resistance.

       The timepieces of the TX 800 Series feature sporty sophisticated dials, beautifully completed by hour indices, skeleton hour, and minute’s hands, with luminescent inserts, for optimal time-legibility in poor light conditions. Furthermore, the watches ensure a wide area of functionalities, up to 4 hours chronograph, 1/5th of a second, 30-minutes linear chronograph counter, located at 9 o’clock, 5-hour lower hand, as well as date and a second-time zone function.

       At the heart of this remarkable timepiece beats a TX-patented, 6-hand Quartz movement, which incorporates 4 independent motors and which is animated by a Panasonic CR2016 battery with an approximate life expectation of 4 years,

       Especially created to meet the needs of a contemporary man, with an active life-style, the new TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph Watch embraces the wrist with a sporty rubber, titanium/steel masculine, or a fine stylish leather strap, and it will be available for a price tag ranging from $595.00 up to $715.00.

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