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Apr 11

TX 550 Series World Time Sport

       TX Watch Company is a young member of the watch-making industry, internationally known for creating some of the most interesting timepieces available at an accessible price. The beautiful creations of the brand masterfully combine high-precision quartz movements, produced by German engineers, and superb aesthetics brought to life by the prestigious Italian designers, a mix that, until now, was provided only by top members of the Haute Horology.

       The brand masterfully combines style and substance, every time around, creating superb timepieces, which always exceed expectations, in terms of timekeeping accuracy, reliability, and eye pleasing seductive looks.


       Recently, TX Watch Company launched another superb collection, especially created for an impassionate world traveler, with an active life-style – the new remarkable TX 550 Series World Time Sport, comprising eight beautiful new models, bound to confer a plus dynamism and powerful individuality to a modern man’s wrist.

       The timepieces feature redesigned robust cases, measuring 47.5 mm in diameter, with sporty furrowed detailing, and, which incorporate user-friendly interfaces, defined by bold color accents, which enhance their sporty powerful appeal of the timepieces. The cases of the models are available in various finish options, including a two-tone rose gold variation, and incorporate a screw-down crown, and a scratch-proof sapphire crystal,

       At the heart of the new outstanding TX models beat, high quality, innovative 6-hands quartz movements driven by 4 independent motors responsible for specific functions; furthermore, they are animated by Panasonic CR2016 batteries, with a life span of approximately 4 years.

       The watches feature boldly designed dials, fitted with applied hour indices, and hour and minutes hands treated with luminescent substances for optimal time legibility in poor light conditions. One semicircular sub-dial indicates the time in a second time zone, while another sub-dial indicates the season for the chosen location. The watches feature multifunctional retrograde displays; they have, embedded on the outer rim of the dials, 24 important cities of the world- AZORES, R. JANEIRO, B. AIRES, CARACAS, NEW YORK, MEXICO CITY, DENVER, LOS ANGELES, ANCHORAGE, HONOLULU, MIDWAY, AUCKLAND, NOUMEA, SYDNEY, TOKYO, HONG KONG, BANGKOK, DHAKA, KARACHI, DUBAI, MOSCOW, ATHENS, PARIS, LONDON. Moreover, located between 2 and 3 o’clock positions, the timepieces feature a small date window.

       Created for an adventurous contemporary man, the watches of the TX 550 Series World Time Sport are available in many color options and come coupled with sporty polyurethane straps, masculine stainless steel bracelets or more stylish leather straps, for a price ranging from $480.00 up to $580.00.

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