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May 8

TM 770 Fly Back Chronograph Second Time Zone

       TX Watch Company is one of the newest members of the exclusive watch-making industry, created a couple years ago, a young brand that never ceased to impress watch-experts worldwide with extraordinary timepieces, which combine sophisticated sporty aesthetics, impeccable functionality and eye-catching seductive design.

       The watches produced by this youthful brand target a self-assertive young audience keen on top functionality at an accessible price, rather than on high-end mechanical sophistication and inner meticulous decorations. Nevertheless, TX Watch Company always exceeded expectations, providing the perfect combination between the extremely accurate quartz mechanisms created by the German engineers and the impeccable style and distinction conceived by the prestigious Italian designers.

       Recently the brand brought to life another superb horological creation, the highly functional TX TM Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone, a watch that merges bold charismatic style with impeccable timekeeping accuracy and functionality. Inspired by the professional pilot watches, the model reunites the upmost functionality of a Fly-back Chronograph, and a four hours chronograph, with the sporty sophistication of an extremely reliable timekeeping instrument. It can measure time intervals with a precision of down to a 1/5th of a second and provides an electronic compass with magnetic declination compensation.

       The timepiece features a robust 316L stainless steel case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, which emanates sportiness and masculinity, and unfurls a nice combination of brushed and polished surfaces, but at the same time ensures a good 100-meters water-resistance. Available in 7 attractive versions, the model features even a black PVD-coated variation. The sophisticated architecture of the case incorporates a bezel fitted with a tracking position mechanism, which can be used to complete the functionality of the electronic compass.

       The eye-catching bold TX TM Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone incorporates a sporty sculpted dial, characterizes by an uncompromising, yet highly functional style. It is completed by luminescent-coated hour indices and skeleton hands, which confer optimal time-legibility in poor light conditions.

       At the heart of the new TX TM Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone beats a 6-hand high precision quartz movement, animated by a Panasonic CR2016 battery, with an approximate life span of 4 years.

       Furthermore, the model is available in many variations, staring with classic interpretations performed with black or white dials and metallic bracelets, and continuing with bold interpretations with vivid orange dials or rubber straps, the new TX TM Fly-back Chronograph Compass Second Time Zone intends to please the enthusiast TX fans, especially with its accessible price tag around $500.00.

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