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Jan 10

Tudor Hydronaut II Date and Chronograph Models

        Created in 1946, by the same visionary man who stood behind Rolex’s great success, Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor Luxury Watches embodies the highest standards of watch-making excellence and distinction, which have placed the brand, in a rather short existence, among the most respected members of today’s Haute Horology.

        The watches produced by this master watchmaker completely redefine the concepts of quality and luxury as Tudor Luxury Watches always managed to surprise watch-connoisseurs worldwide with new approaches to the design of the watches’ components, with reinventing the shapes and textures and with bringing a novelty air to the timepieces’ design, and with creating extremely charismatic contemporary timepieces.

        A brand that carries us into a fascinating world of timeless elegance, glamour and immaculate performance, recently Tudor released another remarkable collection dedicated to those who share a deep passion for diving. Comprised of models that successfully merge classy elegance and sporty chic, the Hydronaut Watch Line is characterized by youthful enthusiasm and powerful charisma, just as its target- audience, modern, self-assertive, young, uninhibited, daring, powerful and seductive.

        Embodying all the cherished principles of contemporary Haute Horology, Tudor Hydronaut II Date and Hydronaut II Chronograph models are defined by powerful individuality and exceptional reliability. The models were designed to capture the special connection of the watchmaker with the nautical universe; Hydronaut II Chronograph features a black bezel meanwhile the Hydronaut II Date is available with black, blue ore silver bezel variations.

        The sporty unidirectional rotating bezel of the timepieces is fitted with a vibrant red section used to indicate the first 15 minutes of the diving intervals crucial in decompression. The timepieces have the same case dimensions as those of the Rolex models from the same category- the stainless steel models measure 41 mm in diameter and the sturdy architecture of the case ensures a remarkable 200 meters water resistance, making the timepiece suitable for amateur divers.

        The timepieces features a stylish dial which harmoniously merges silver, white and red hue accents, it displays hours and minutes through two chronograph counters located at 3 respectively 6 o‘clock, at 9 o’clock there is a small seconds counter, and at 4 o’clock a large date aperture, moreover the dials are available in black, ruthenium, silver sun, white or blue variations.

        The remarkable models come coupled with a comfortable diver’s rubber straps or with more stylish stainless steel bracelets and it are available for a pretty accessible price around $2,500.00.

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