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Apr 15

Tudor Hydro 1200 Watch

The new Hydro 1200 watch by Tudor represents the perfect mixture of innovative design and advanced technology.

The new timepiece presented by the horological company Tudor is built in a sport-chic style. With an intriguing 45 mm case made of satin-finished and polished steel, the watch comprises a screw-down crown.


The case of the new Hydro 1200 watch comes with a helium valve deploying when critical pressure thresholds are exceeded. The helium release impedes water from entering the watch, while it ensures 1200-meter water-resistance.

A unidirectional rotating bezel, made in black, harmoniously outlines the case. The black dial is sheltered by a 3 mm thick sapphire crystal. Inspired by nautical architecture, the dial features extra-large hour-markers and streamlined hands. In addition to indicating the hours, minutes and seconds, the Hydro 1200 watch also shows the date in a display placed at 3 o`clock.


The functions of the new Tudor Hydro 1200 watch are possible because of the self-winding mechanical movement.

The watch comes with a steel and black ceramic bracelet fitted with a safety clasp, but it can also be completed with a rubber strap with expandable wave-motif links and a buckle.

The charismatic design of the new Tudor Hydro 1200 watch offers it the possibility to be successfully worn in all series of occasions, from everyday business to free time.

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