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Jan 9

Tudor Classic Day-Date watch Line

        Created in 1946, by the same enthusiast entrepreneur responsible for Rolex’s huge market success Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor is a watch-making brand that targets a whole different market segment, young, self-assertive, sophisticated and dynamic individuals; at the same time, their newly developed models follow the elevated standards of mechanical purity and exceptional aesthetics raised by Rolex, while they provide immaculate timekeeping accuracy and remarkable elegance for a less exclusive price tags, a highly appreciated quality for watch-connoisseurs keen on mechanical mastery and sublime aesthetics who do not afford a genuine Rolex.

        In 1956, Rolex released a very successful watch-line the iconic Day-Date characterized by classy refinement and outstanding mechanical sophistication. The timepieces of this beautiful collection were manufactured from extremely precious materials such as platinum or gold, therefore to own a Rolex Day-Date was the privilege of the few.

        Nevertheless, designed for a middle class customer, but retaining the seductive distinction and refinement of a genuine Rolex Day-Date the new Tudor Classic Day-Date is the perfect option for someone who appreciates the design and precision of the Rolex Day-Date line but doesn’t want to spend that much on a watch.

        The timepiece features an elegant yet masculine case that has the exact same dimensions as the Rolex models, 41 mm in diameter but it was manufactured from less precious materials, whether stainless steel or two-tones, and also instead of being entirely sculpted from gold they are gold-plated.

        At the heart of the timepiece beats the high-frequency, self-winding mechanical movement that oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hours, therefore ensuring immaculate precision, nevertheless it is not a COSC-certified chronometer.

        The design of the dial is minimalist; the date function is displayed through an aperture located at 3 o’clock position and the day function is presented through a large aperture at 12 o’clock. The dials are available in various color choices: silver, white, blue, gold, or black, and, also optional, the models are fitted with applied hour indices or 12-diamond set hour-makers.

        A successful combination of refinement and simplicity, the remarkable Tudor Day-Date models are bound to bring a plus of individuality to a gentleman’s outfit and come for a pretty affordable price tag under $6,000.00.

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