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Jan 17

Tudor Aeronaut

        Launched in 1946, as a subsidiary branch of the iconic Rolex by Hans Wilsdorf, the same visionary entrepreneur who stood behind Rolex’s great success, Tudor Luxury Watches managed to succeed through the years, and earned a place of its own among the most respected watch-making brands in the world. And for watch connoisseurs worldwide it surely embodies the highest standards of watch-making excellence and distinction, standards established by Rolex and followed by all the members of today’s fine horology.

         Tudor Luxury Watches produces timepieces that redefine the concepts of quality and luxury and which always managed to surprise not only the mass public keen on affordable high-quality but also impassioned collectors worldwide who are aware that at the heart of every Tudor timepiece beats a Rolex patented caliber.


        Among Tudor’s most appreciated watch lines we have to mention the Aeronaut models where the brand’s skilled designers exerted their creativity bringing new approaches to the design of the watches’ components, reinventing the shapes and textures and with bringing a novelty air to the timepieces’ design.

        Extremely charismatic contemporary watches, the new Tudor Aeronaut models are characterized sporty powerful design and mechanical excellence. The watches feature a sturdy stainless steel case, measuring 41 mm in diameter, which is wonderfully completed by a high-end engraved steel bezel, which enables the watch’s owner to track time simultaneously in two time zones due to its 24-hours graduations.

        The timepieces of this line accommodate a high frequency self-winding mechanical movement the remarkable Tudor 2892 caliber that oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a 42 hours power reserve. Moreover the timepieces come in multiple color options for the dials and are secured to the wrist either with a stylish stainless steel bracelet or a rubber, leather or tissue strap in perfect match with the color of the dial.

         Equipped with a screw down winding crown the timepieces are capable of withstanding to the pressure exerted at 150 meters beneath the sea surface, therefore being suitable for an amateur diver, as well as for an impassionate world traveler.

        Defined by optimal time legibility and stylish appearance, the new Tudor Aeronaut models are a perfect option for the dynamic man of the 21st century, keen on fashionable quality and non-exclusive price, as the models come for a price ranging from $3,500.00 up to $3,700.00.

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