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Apr 15

Tudor Hydro 1200 Watch

      lThe case of the new Hydro 1200 watch comes with a helium valve deploying when critical pressure thresholds are exceeded. The helium release impedes water from entering the watch, while it ensures 1200-meter water-resistance. Continue reading

  Apr 9

Tudor Introduces Heritage Advisor Watch

     The new Heritage Advisor watch is rendered in a 42 mm case, crafted in titanium and steel. The surface of the case is polished and satin-finished, while the front side of the watch is protected by a convex sapphire crystal. Continue reading

  Apr 21

Tudor Heritage Chrono

       Recently, the brand created another sophistication interpretation of its iconic Oyster date Chronograph, first introduced in the 70’s, the new Tudor Heritage Chrono watch – a superb sporty wristwatch, especially created for a self-assertive charismatic modern man. Continue reading

  Jan 25

Tudor Grantour Date and Chronograph for Porsche

        Tudor Grantour for Porsche Motorsport Watch Line comprises two exquisite timepieces: the eye catching Grantour Date Watch and the Grantour Chronograph Watch.The two models are sporty timepieces which set emphasis on design rather than on functionality. The timepieces were designed to merge sporty… Continue reading

  Jan 17

Tudor Aeronaut

        Extremely charismatic contemporary watches, the new Tudor Aeronaut models are characterized sporty powerful design and mechanical excellence. Equipped with a screw down winding crown the timepieces are capable of withstanding to the pressure exerted at 150 meters beneath the sea surface.. Continue reading

  Jan 14

Tudor Iconaut Speed

        Tudor Iconaut Watches are furthermore defined by powerful masculine robustness; they feature fairly large cases, wonderfully sculpted in stainless steel that measure 43 mm in diameter, and which boast an outstanding 150 meter water resistance, for a non-diving timepiece.. Continue reading

  Jan 11

Tudor Glamour Date and Date-Day

        Glamour Watch Line comprises wristwatches defined by sober minimalist design, high-end finish touches, and beautiful contemporary design. Glamour Date Ladies model measures 36 mm in diameter and it is animated by a self-winding mechanical movement;Glamour Date-Day is .. Continue reading

  Jan 10

Tudor Hydronaut II Date and Chronograph Models

        Embodying all the cherished principles of contemporary Haute Horology, Tudor Hydronaut II Date and Hydronaut II Chronograph models are defined by powerful individuality and exceptional reliability. The models were designed to capture the special connection of the watchmaker with the nautical universe.. Continue reading

  Jan 9

Tudor Classic Day-Date watch Line

        Nevertheless, designed for a middle class customer, but retaining the seductive distinction and refinement of a genuine Rolex Day-Date the new Tudor Classic Day-Date is the perfect option for someone who appreciates the design and precision of the Rolex Day-Date line but doesn’t want to spend.. Continue reading





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