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Feb 8

Tissot v8

Tissot is one of the most highly renowned Swiss brands in the world and has been making watches since 1853. It is famous for its products’ luxury and quality and also, experience, as it has been the first watchmaker company which introduced to the market for the first time products like: mass-produced pocket watch and pocket watch with two times zones.

tissot v8 tissot v8 picture

This company maintained its reputation not only by the high quality of the watches it was making and which people were already used to, but also by its innovation, as it continued to bring to the market brand-new products, like the first watches made out of plastic, stone, mother of pearl and even wood.

Tissot watches have been worn by famous people and celebrities, for example: Angelina Jolie, Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela, etc.

Nowadays, Tissot watches are designed and classified in many different models, the most popular of them being SeaTouch, T-Touch, T-Race, T-Sport, Flower Power, V8, Heritage, High-T, etc.

tissot v8 tissot v8 picture

Tissot v8 is a sport watch and it has the features of a standard model: it is gent sized and its case is made of stainless steel; its water resistance is 10 BAR (100 M); the glass material used for making tissot v8 is sapphire crystal; the bracelet’s colour is gray and it is also made of stainless steel; its dial is black and has both index and arabic measurement type; it also presents three more other dials for seconds counter, 30-minute counter and 1/10 second counter; the movement caliber is G10.211 and the movement type is QUARTZ. Being made of stainless steel, Tissot v8 weighs 165g and the dial’s diameter is 42.5mm.

This watch is very sophisticated not only for its complicated and overloaded look, but more because of the complex functions it offers; for example, the chronograph allows timing events lasting up to 30 minutes and includes: Standard chronograph START–STOP function, ADD function (partial times) and SPLIT function (intermediate times).

tissot v8 tissot v8 picture

The “simple timing” (START – STOP) function of Tissot v8 standard sport watch enables you to measure isolated events, while the ADD function enables you to measure consecutive events without having to reset in between (Each time is added to the previous total), and the SPLIT-TIME function enables you to stop the hands to read an intermediate time, without interrupting timing (When you restart, the chronograph hands “catch up” to the ongoing elapsed time), this functions being just a bit different from the racing watch models.

A brand watch such as Tissot v8 is expected to have a quite high cost, so its price is about 450$…but it worths the investment, as it operates with perfect precision for many years to come!

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