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Jul 21

Tissot T-Pocket Baby Ball T81.9.220.56

A renowned watchmaking brand, Tissot started its existence in 1853, in the Swiss Jura Mountains, Neuchâtel, as a small family business, when a master watchmaker, Charles-Felicien Tissot associated with his young, ambitious son, Charles-Emile Tissot, and together they carved the name Tissot in the history book of today’s Haute Horology.

The brand, headquartered in the small town named Le Locle, gradually evolved into genuine elite of this competitive industry through reinventing its models and mechanisms, and through bringing, time and again, impressive horological innovations.


It is noteworthy to mention that the exquisite Tissot watches outstood the watch experts community, with the first anti-magnetic system in the world, the very first pocket watch fitted with dual time zone or the first timepieces, which used materials like stone, nacre, wood or plastic.

In over a century of existence, the brand created countless high-tech models dedicated to the daring, adventurous men of the day, but also stylish timepieces dedicated to the refined, modern women in need of a fashion statement.

Not long ago the brand brought a beautiful new addition to the brand’s iconic Tissot T-Pocket Watch Collection, a superb pendant watch, Tissot T-Pocket Baby Ball T81.9.220.56 Watch, emanates class and elegance.

A very interesting accessory, hosted in a black brass sphere, Tissot T-Pocket Baby Ball T81.9.220.56 Watch, measures 20.80 mm in diameter and 19.27 mm in height, and incorporates a fluted crown located at 12 o’clock position, embellished with cabochon decoration.

Moreover, inside the pendant, protected by a sapphire crystal, hides a minimalist black dial, nicely completed with baton-shaped hours and minutes hands and a sparkling white diamond of 0.005 carats, which marks the 12 o’clock position.

At the heart of the new Tissot T-Pocket Baby Ball T81.9.220.56 Watch beats a top-quality, quartz movement, the caliber 901.001, which ensures basic central hours and minute’s functions.
The perfect combination between style and functionality, this beautiful Tissot creation will surely bring a plus of individuality to any fashionable outfit. As far as the price of the model is concerned, we expect it will be somewhere around $250.00 – $300.00.

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