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Aug 23

Tissot Sea Touch Ocean Depths

        One of the declared mottos of the brand Tissot is that of making excellence accessible and so far, nobody can argue the contrary. Starting from its beginnings, this brand has never ceased to impress through their innovative creations and designs while focusing on maintaining untouched the core values of the brand: performance, precision and setting new standards. Being present in almost 150 countries, Tissot is an example of success and achievement and probably one of the best qualities of the brand is stability. For over 155 years they have been creating timepieces of unique beauty for the fans of gadgets and wristwatches and they will continue to do so for the future generations as well.

        The Tissot watch-making brand has something new to put on the market and it prides itself with the latest creation called Tissot Sea- Touch watch, the newest member of the T-Touch family Collection presented in 2000. This watch is of a huge success in the eyes of the connoisseurs and it is created, just as its name suggests, for diving. This diver-friendly model is endowed with an ETA E48. 301 movement and compared to the other T-Touch wristwatches this one does not have an altimeter and barometer function. But even without the altimeter and barometer function, this Sea-Touch can measure the three most important values when you’re diving (instant depth, dive duration and the speed of descent and resurfacing) with the help of the incorporated depth gauge. Being especially created for diving this watch has a 200 m water resistance and displays a very sporty and masculine look .

        Amongst the functions this new Sea-Touch has to offer we can mention the hours, minutes, and seconds indicators, time zone, alarm, perpetual date, chronograph, diving, logbook, compass and backlighting. All in all, this watch is equipped with all the necessary functions that a diver could ask for.

        The design of this timepiece manages to impress because of its structured and organized lines. The watch comes in 3 different versions referring to its design. The case of the Tissot Sea-Touch is made of stainless steel and the glass is made of sapphire crystal. The rotating bezel is created in black and white or in orange and black. The strap used for the watch comes in 3 versions: either of orange or black rubber or made of stainless steel. The dial of this beautiful Sea-Touch watch is clearly visible and comes in black, white or orange and is covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

        This new Tissot Sea-Touch perfectly fits the wrists of the adventurous men, of those interested in exploring the infinite depths of the oceans and of course, of those who appreciate the high-technology and the interior complexity of a Tissot wrist watch.

        This brand will continue to write its successful story by being present on five continents through its 16, 000 Points of Sale while its name has become years ago a landmark of the traditional Swiss watch industry. Buying one of these Tissot Sea-Touch watches is like buying Microsoft shares at the stock market, nothing can be safer than that. So you can be sure of making a good investment with purchasing this watch. Expect the prices to be between 1000$ and 1300$.

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