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Oct 21

Tissot Odaci-T

        Created over a century ago Tissot is a prestigious Swiss watch-making brand, launched in 1853 by the enthusiast watch-maker Charles-Felicien Tissot, and his young son Charles-Emile, who established a long dynasty of master watchmakers settled in the cradle of world’s Haute Horology, Le Locle, Neuchâtel in the Swiss Jura Mountains.

        Ever since, Tissot brought to the mass market the first two-time zones pocket watch, the first timepiece featuring an anti-magnetic system, and also extremely creative new design concepts which imply the innovative incorporation of various materials, as Tissot has been the first manufacturer who used: plastic, stone, wood and nacre (mother-of-pearl) in designing their timepieces.

        Nevertheless, Tissot is not only a high-tech, high-functionality watch-maker, oriented towards meeting the needs of temerarious men; on the other hand the brand gained its international prestige by creating refined and sophisticated wristwatches intended to please the elegant highly fashionable woman of the 21st century.

        Tissot Odaci-T watch is the product of the brand’s expertise when it comes to achieving the ultimate artistic expression, and the crystal clear purity of the finest detail touch, capable of seducing the most capricious lady. Its pure elegant style gains an erotic sense of feminine vibrant seductiveness, delicately suggested by its chocolate brown dial hues, sublimely completed by the silvery satin-polished stainless-steel case and dark brown leather strap.

        Defined as a model destined to a woman who has an elevated coefficient of self esteem and audacity, as well as a well defined personal style, Tissot Odaci-T watch, features a classy square case with rounded angles, a round dial and, as a distinctive feature, it combines the interesting color palette with certain retro design touches, but, all in all, it manages to remain fresh and fashionable.

        The stylish design of the dial is completed by appliquéd square stainless steel hour markers with rounded angles as well as Arabic numeral hour markers; also it is equipped with 3 chronograph counters, which retain the special shape of the model’s case. The inclusion of the chronograph function highlights Tissot’s commitment to providing high-quality time-companions to a charming independent woman with a dynamic lifestyle. This wonderful timepiece is animated by a quartz movement, and it confers a respectable 30-meters water resistance, being also available with black/ silvery nacre dial coupled with black/ beige classy leather strap for a price tag ranging from $300.00 up to $400.00.

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