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Oct 9

Tissot Michael Owen Watch

        Launched over a century ago, Tissot is a notorious Swiss watch-making brand, born in the cradle of world’s Haute Horology, Le Locle, Neuchâtel, in the Swiss Jura Mountains in 1853. It was created by two enthusiast watchmakers, the experienced Charles-Felicien Tissot and his young son Charles-Emile, who created a long dynasty of watchmakers guided by their dedication to creating high-performance timepieces, and continually preoccupied to innovate the design and the inner mechanisms of their watches in order to achieve the ultimate proof of watch-making craftsmanship and mastery.

        Throughout the years, Tissot experienced a successful intertwining with the exciting world of football and, in order to celebrate a very fruitful collaboration with the notorious footballer, Michael Owen and their 10th anniversary, Tissot released a brand new Limited Edition of 4,999 timepieces developed in his honor, presenting Michael Owen with the 10th watch of the line.

        Capturing the core of a successful relationship, and celebrating a fortunate accumulation of 10s – the 10th year as the international Tissot ambassador for the man who wears the number 10 of his national team, results in a limited edition, timepieces defined by highly innovative functionality and superb appearance, designed to impress a true football fan.

         2008 Michael Owen watch lays on the cutting edge of both sportive and watch-making performance, reinstating a long tradition of valuing the genuine team spirit and competitive fair-play. Designed for an adventurous man, the model withstands up to 200 meters, beneath the sea surface. Also the watch has classic chronograph sophisticated functionality, and, as a distinctive design feature, on the silvery white dial, there is an oversized “10” bolded Arabic numeral hour marker accented in black, which accommodates in its “0” one of the chronograph counters, also, the watch’s dial features a sporty red team stripe, which cuts down vertically through the dial, and furthermore the red touches are carried on in the design of the bezel.

        The case-back captures Michael’s autograph and the carved image of one of his boots as well as a unique serial number (1-4,999) and it is a wonderful accessory which makes a clear statement about its owner’s keen connection to the fascinating world of football, all for a price of approximately $600.00.

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