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Nov 29

TechnoMarine BlackSnow

        Relatively a newcomer in the exclusivist world of the Haute Horology, TechnoMarine is a young watch-making brand launched in 1997 by an enthusiast French entrepreneur, Franck Dubarry, it created the emblematic Raft chronograph, a surprising timepiece that became the year’s bestseller and open the gates for an entirely new generation of wristwatches, a horological breakthrough which ensured the brand’s well grounded place among the finest representatives of luxury Watch-making industry.

        This prestigious watchmaker brings its passionate revolutionary approach to fine watch-making, combining the well known Swiss craftsmanship with its ebullient creativity, providing thus very fashionable nonconformist timepieces preferred by many Hollywood stars and VIPs.

        Definitely a brand positioned on the cutting edge of fashionable renewal, TechnoMarine merges flamboyant design and luxurious materials in order to obtain the perfect combination of style and timeless beauty.

         Animated by a vanguard, visionary spirit, the watchmaker continually surprises and seduces through fresh delightful models characterized by a strong individuality. Recently the successful TechnoMarine Ceramic Collection for ladies has recently been joined by the delicate new models of the refined BlackSnow Watch Line.

        TechnoMarine BlackSnow models have a delicate rectangular case measuring 32×28 mm, manufactured from either white or black high-tech ceramic, which makes a fine contrast with the gentle rose gold and diamond spark. This sophisticated BlackSnow Watch Line features optional half-pave/full-pave variations completed whether by a white or black matching dials adorned with sun-ray guilloche motif and diamond embellishments. The minimalist design of the dial features rose gold hour hands and an oversized 8 Arabic numeral hour marker, highlighted in rose gold and diamonds.

         Moreover the gorgeous timepiece gently embraces a lady’s wrist with a classy ceramic bracelet matching the superb design of the case, which also features beautiful diamond embellishments.

        At the heart of this horological masterpiece beats the precise Swiss RONDA 1062 movement which insures only minutes and hours functions, but after all, the timepiece tends to more a precious jewelry than a time-measuring instrument expected to cost over $6,660.00.

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