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Nov 21

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Snow

       Intended to be reliable timekeeping companions for the self-assertive man of the day, TechnoMarine also perfected glamorous ladies lines, characterized by exuberance and originality, and the new sophisticated TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Snow Lady Watch is maybe the best example of the brand’s expertise. Continue reading

  Nov 13

TechnoMarine Cruise Original Night Vision

       The brand never ceased to impress its enthusiast customers, with remarkable timepieces, and the latest addition to the brand’s iconic TechnoMarine Cruise Original watch Collection, the bold masculine TechnoMarine Cruise Original Night Vision is an outstanding example of the brand’s creativity and watchmaking mastery. Continue reading

  Oct 20

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Chocolate

       The new TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Chocolate Watch features an eye-pleasing warm chocolate brown dial, nicely completed with luminescent-coated hour indices and skeleton hands, fitted with luminescent inserts for optimal time legibility in any light conditions. Continue reading

  Jun 18

TechnoMarine Cruise Original Star Chrono

       Recently, TechnoMarine introduced another sophisticated watch line, the eye-catching TechnoMarine Cruise Original Star Chrono Watch Line, which comprises five remarkable new models manufactured from stainless steel with stylish yellow gold PVD finish. Continue reading

  Jun 11

TechnoMarine UF6 Fusion Chrono Small Seconds

       Recently the brand introduced another sophisticated watch line, the eye-catching bold TechnoMarine UF6 Fusion Chrono Collection, which comprises five elegant variations, available in stainless steel, stainless steel with black carbon fiber inserts, with pink aluminum inserts or, steel and 18-karat pink gold, and steel with diamond-embellishments. Continue reading

  Jun 4

TechnoMarine Ceramic Mini Lady Collection

       Recently TechnoMarine introduced a sophisticated new lady line, destined to the audacious women who share their passion for high-end sporty timepieces with another profound passion for diving – the eye-catching TechnoMarine Ceramic Mini Lady Watch Line comprising six beautiful ceramic models, which emanate sportiness and dynamism. Continue reading

  Mar 14

TechnoMarine Novel Cruise Sport Collection

        The new TechnoMarine Cruise Sport collection comprises two chronograph models- a 40 mm and a more robust 45 mm model, as well as a 3-hand style model- with a 40 mm case.The timepieces of the TechnoMarine Cruise Sport watches are animated by high-precision Citizen Quartz movements.. Continue reading

  Jan 8

TechnoMarine BlackWatch

        The automatic and quartz variations of the TechnoMarine BlackWatch slightly differ in design; the automatic watch features a sober black dial, with the small date aperture located at 9 o’clock position as well as the winding crown, meanwhile the quartz model is fitted with an optional blue or black dial with the.. Continue reading

  Dec 1

TechnoMarine UF6 Magnum

        The UF6 Magnum is available in two versions animated by a high-performance Swiss chronograph movement, the Ronda 5004F, which has a remarkable accuracy of 1/10th of a second. This model features a robust case, measuring 45 mm in diameter, which beasts 200 meters water resistance and is defined by sporty masculine… Continue reading

  Nov 29

TechnoMarine BlackSnow

        TechnoMarine BlackSnow models have a delicate rectangular case measuring 32×28 mm, manufactured from either white or black high-tech ceramic, which makes a fine contrast with the gentle rose gold and diamond spark. This sophisticated BlackSnow Watch Line features optional half-pave/full-pave variations completed whether by a white or black … Continue reading

  Nov 17

TechnoMarine RoyalMarine

        A charismatic diver’s watch, the new TechnoMarine RoyalMarine Watch reunites new materials, depending on the multitude of versions: stainless steel and aluminum, black PVD and titanium or stainless steel and PVD. At the heart of this sophisticated wristwatch beats a high precision Swiss automatic analogue movement which provides a wide range of functions such .. Continue reading





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