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Jun 24

TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America

       Probably one of the most fruitful partnerships in this field of watch manufacturing, TAG Heuer and Porsche Club of America bring on the market an extremely desirable timepiece for the collectors, a watch that puts together the elegance representative of TAG Heuer and the sportiness of Porsche Club of America into creating this amazing Limited Edition TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America Watch.

       If TAG Heuer needs no further presentation being a long-lasting watch making brand, then we can say that Porsche Club of America is an organization dedicated to Porsche enthusiasts from the States and Canada, established back in 1955 and which dedicates its pursuits to racing, rallying, autocrosses and other specific activities. 55 years of activity of the Porsche Club of America were celebrated accordingly, by rising to the reputation of such sports-oriented club, with the introduction of its Limited Collection of TAG Heuer original watches.


       The new Limited Edition TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America Watch maintains its dedicated spirit towards racing by providing an appearance inspired by the Monaco Chronograph model made popular by Mc’Queen in the 1970s. One of the legendary timpieces introduced by TAG Heuer, the Monaco model is nowadays improved and redesigned to represent and to honor this amazing 50 years anniversary of the Porsche Club of America.


       The design of the new Limited Edition TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America Watch maintains the same sporty color combination of red, white and black, while making use emblematically of the logo of the TAG Heuer brand and an additional 55 figure to express the anniversary pf PCA. The rectangluar case embraces a sporty design, being completed by the lateral pushers and crown available to adjust the functions of the chronograph. The dial is very modern, following the Monaco Collection pattern and shows the time through luminiscent coated hands, while the hand of the seconds is on red. Two sub-dials loacted at 3 o’clock and respectively, at 9 o’clock express the functions of the chronograph, while a date window can be traced discreetly at 6 o’clock.


       The automatic movement based on a chronograph function is what activates the inner working of this extremely appealing TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America Watch and it offers the expected accuracy of a limited edition collectible timepiece.

       Like all limited editions, the new Limited Edition TAG Heuer Porsche Club of America Watch will only be distributed in a symbolic number of 55 pieces, starting from September 2010. The price for this remarkable watch can go up to $5,500, but the fact that it is a TAG Heuer original and also one of the collectibles, it’s definitely worth the money.

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