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Sep 22

Tag Heuer Pendulum Concept

       Created in the second half of the 19th century, TAG Heuer is maybe the most important member of the Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860 how the brand’s motto sates, and surely an enthusiast watch connoisseur, will know that over the years, this exclusive manufacture, significantly upgraded to the mechanisms and always pushed forward the known limits of watch-making innovation and mastery.

       Headquartered in a place known as the cradle of the luxury watchmaking industry, the Swiss town named Chaux-de-Fonds TAG Heuer never ceased to stun the entire watch-experts community, with amazing timepieces, characterized by mechanical sophistication, bold aesthetics and charismatic contemporary luxury.

       Recently, the brand presented a revolutionary new mechanism, the in-house developed TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, which was created according to the brand’s bold objectives for the third millennium, as the TAG Heuer’s official webpage stares- progressively reinvent the three elementary principles in watch-making- energy, transmission and regulation.

       Created by the TAG Heuer R&D engineers in a partnership with many other prestigious research organizations, the impressive TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept will surely become a coveted collectable item, and maybe a genuine millstone of the traditional horology. The concept’s innovative nature consists in replacing the traditional pinion and gear transmission with another complex belt-driven mechanical transmission; furthermore, it is noteworthy to say that the mechanism is based on the physical and the magnetic proprieties of materials and it oscillates at a frequency of 43,200 alternations per hour, conferring immaculate precision and accuracy.

       However, the brand does not intend to replace the use of the high-quality Swiss hairsprings of the luxury watches of the day, rather the desire of the manufacture is to bring to life high-end limited editions, especially created for the watch-enthusiasts of the day.

       As far as the design of the timepiece goes, we can say that it will follow the dynamical racy look of the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Watch Line, and it will be characterized by powerful masculinity, fresh sportiness, and unmatched distinction. The model will have a polished round case and a black minimalist dial, fitted with an aperture that shows the high-end sophisticated movement of the watch; surely, the model will come accompanied by an exclusive price tag, but for a wrist dream, anything is possible.

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