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Oct 27

TAG Heuer Calibre 12-Automatic Gulf

        Created in 1860, TAG Heuer is a notorious watch-making brand with a well-grounded international reputation of creating highly innovative wristwatches and chronographs defined, mainly by a fresh sporty dynamism but also by the well-known Swiss immaculate functionality. Among the top Swiss manufacturers, TAG Heuer is part of the renowned LVMH group; the brand has its headquarters in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and carries on, a long heirloom of prestige and dedication to luxury watch-making innovation and high-quality.

        Continually pushing one step further the known limits of design and engineering, the brand always sought to achieve the ultimate expression of watch-making craftsmanship, just as its motto sums it up, TAG Heuer is indeed the Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860.


        At Baselworld 2009 edition, TAG Heuer brought two boldly-designed new models which enriched the prestigious Monaco collection which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the legendary Monaco watch and also pays a great tribute to the to the fruitful partnership between TAG Heuer and the emblematic Gulf Oil motor sports icon.

        The Swiss brand created a 5000-timpeieces limited edition of Monaco Calibre 12 Chronograph Gulf, an outstanding line designed for those collectors who share a genuine passion for the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor-sports competitions and for the roar of unleashed horsepower.

        TAG Heuer Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph Movement is a stylish model for gentlemen which reflects, TAG Heuer’s historical intertwining with the racing dynamic universe; it features a classy square case defined by dynamic curves, measuring 39 mm in diameter, which is harmoniously combined with a sober grey dial individualized by two stripes, an orange and a blue stripe, most likely reminiscent of the Porsche Gulf 917K driven by Steve McQueen in Le Mans in the 1970s, along with a Gulf Vintage logo they confer a special charisma to this timepiece. The highly legible dial is completed by a seconds counter, located at 3 o’clock position, an a chronograph minutes counter, located respectively at 9 o’clock.

        At the heart of this amazing timepiece, beats the high-performance TAG Heuer Calibre-12 Automatic Chronograph Movement which confers the watch an impeccable precision and functionality, moreover an elegant grey genuine alligator leather strap, completes the concept which is expected to cost over $2,000.00.

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