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Aug 29

Stowa Airman

        With a rather uneasy path towards success, now after almost 80 years of existence, the Stowa brand of watches can declare itself victorious. Established in 1927, the brand has always maintained a high level of proficiency in the watch making industry by putting their greatest efforts into creating unique timepieces of indisputable quality. A hallmark of achievement, Stowa continues to amaze its fans with its finest creations, all of them displaying the distinctive and simple Stowa design.

        The new watches created by Stowa are very similar in terms of design. None of them stray from the initial design, a minimalist and simple design managing to make of the Stowa brand something easy to recognize, something of a distinctive beauty. This commitment towards simplicity and discreetness has gained the brand a lot of admirers all over the world because they can identify themselves with the core values promoted by this brand: elegance, simplicity and reputation.

        The new watch Stowa is introducing to us is called Stowa Airman Unilimted Version. This watch too maintains its retro design, being quite similar in features with the watches from the early creations, back in the 1930’s. Under its simple, yet classy design of the new Stowa Airman Unilimted Version watch we can find one of the most precise and powerful mechanisms that pleads once again in favor of the well-deserved prestige of this brand. Unique and retro in design, but modern in its technical qualities the Stowa Airman Unilimted Version has no difficulty in being a desirable watch amongst the connoisseurs.

        Being characterized by precision, functionality and good taste the Stowa Airman Unilimted Version keeps up with the modern times and could be easily called a third millennium watch. For the most nostalgic of us, the Stowa Airman Unlimited Version is quite appealing because of its retro, almost vintage look, but it’s the mechanism this watch hides underneath what’s really impressing the fans.

        The watch displays a 41 mm massive box, reminding us of the Marine Original and maintains the same design features as the last creations. Following the Stowa tradition, the black/ dark blue simple dial matches perfectly the hands boarded with blue. The dial doesn’t have inscribed the brand’s name and the time display only shows the hours without internal minute circle to make the transition from 0 to 60, similar to the Baumuster B. The movement is very tastefully embellished with Unitas 6497 Cotes de Geneve stripes, mirror-polished movement edges and bearing the Stowa logo. The tempered-blue screws are also a fine touch as they give unity to the whole design.

        The design of this watch is completed by the strap which was custom made for this edition. The dark leather strap adds elegance and refinement to this Stowa Airman Unlimited Version watch and it fits perfectly any wrist.

        This unique timepiece of extraordinary beauty has a catch though. If you decide to buy it you will be forced to wait quite some time as this watch can only be purchased by signing up to a waiting list. As complicated as the purchasing process may sound, this watch it’s well worth the waiting and the price as you are acquiring a timepiece of the finest quality, design and reputation.

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