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Dec 29

Stowa Marine Original with Roman Numerals

       Not long ago, the brand brought another remarkable addition to its emblematic Stowa Marine Original Watch Collection, the elegant new Stowa Marine Original Roman Numerals Watch, a splendid new model that emanates class and distinction. Continue reading

  Nov 29

Stowa Marine Original Roman Numerals and Black Dial

       Not long ago the brand released another superb addition to its emblematic Stowa Marine Original Watch Collection– the stylish new Stowa Marine Original Roman Numerals and Black Dial, a remarkable model, which emanates class and refinement. Continue reading

  Nov 22

Stowa Airman Flieger Ikarus

       In the following article we are going to present to you an amazing new addition to the brand’s emblematic Flieger Watch Line the superb Stowa Flieger Ikarus Watch, a stylish timepiece, which emanates class and sobriety. The model features a mat stainless steel case, measuring 40 mm in diameter. Continue reading

  Jul 10

Stowa Airman ProDiver

       Although, above all, the brand targets a market segment, highly appreciative of its classy timepieces, characterized by sobriety and clean elegance, the brand recently introduced a versatile watch-line, especially created to be a reliable timekeeping instrument for a professional diver, the remarkable Stowa Airman ProDiver Watch. Continue reading

  Jul 5

Stowa Airman Partitio

       A collection, which draws its inspiration from the brand’s 1930’s, most appreciated models, Stowa Airman Partitio Watch Line is a minimalist line, characterized by masculine simplicity, as well as by German precision and reliability, that perfectly completes both a casual or a dressy outfit. Continue reading

  Jul 3

Stowa Seatime Black Divers

        Stowa recently introduced a versatile watch-line, especially created for an active contemporary man, who shares a profound passion for diving and other nautical sports, the new Stowa Airman Seatime Divers Watch. The timepiece ensures a good 300-meters water resistance, which makes appropriate for swimming and amateur diving. Continue reading

  Jan 25

Stowa Airman ANTEA 365

         Stowa Airman Antea 365 is a classic gentleman’s wristwatch characterized by elegant simplicity coupled with immaculate precision, reliability and functionality. Carrying on over 80 years of high quality and experience, Stowa created in its beautifully crafted Stowa Airman Antea 365, a timepiece that … Continue reading

  Jan 22

Stowa Airman Antea Black with Date

         A pretty accessible timepiece, the new Stowa Antea Black with Date Watch is the perfect choice for those who can appreciate a classic timekeeping companion, and who value precision and reliability above eye-catching sophisticated design. Continue reading

  Jan 19

Stowa Airman Antea Crème

        The new Stowa Airman Antea Crème Watch features a stainless steel round elegant case, measuring 39mm x 9.10mm, fitted with sapphire crystal case-back that beautifully reveals, for an inquiring connoisseur’s eye, the delicate dance of the automatic movement fitted with blued screws.. Continue reading

  Aug 29

Stowa Airman

        Being characterized by precision, functionality and good taste the Stowa Airman Unilimted Version keeps up with the modern times and could be easily called a third millennium watch. For the most nostalgic of us, the Stowa Airman Unlimited Version is quite appealing because of its retro, almost vintage look … Continue reading





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