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Aug 26

Steffen Watches

       In 2002 a creative mind and a high end, high quality watch aficionado decided to start his own business and put into practice the innovative ideas that were running through his mind. His name is Ronald Steffen and his passion is deeply rooted in the watchmaking art. The name of this new brand that would bring savor and energy to the specialized market soon became known and praised by people all over the world: it was the time for Steffen, the timekeeping advocate of humanity.

       The emotional and technical investment poured into the mapping of Steffen’s first models resulted into a collection of three lines named after legendary historical figures. Leonardo, Julius and Galileo display an obvious common spinal chord that is the trademark of Steffen: watches that are paramount of precision and reliable companions to the modern man, as well as to the elegant, classical drawn individuals.


       The Steffen timepiece is immediately recognizable. It takes you on an adventurous journey through time and brings you to the threshold of the digital age with the rapidity and efficacy of the most refined Swiss watch. Its sophisticated look and great readability are combined with a last-generation edition of movements, produced exclusively for Steffen. The two extraordinary movements are based on R.O.S.T. Calibre and AUTOGEN Calibre. If the former is a classically known combination of 28 jewels and 28,000 vibrations per hour for a precise mechanism, the AUTOGEN is a registered invention Steffen wants to share with the world.

       The automechanical based movement is animated by a microgenerator, an invention that will most probably change the face of the watchmaking industry as we know it. Although a young man, Robert Steffen can truly say that he has committed his attention and energy to that special part of his heart that was set on measuring the passage of time with rhythmical beatings, and that this dedication to his major interest fulfills his accomplishments need.

       A very, very young brand still, Steffen has managed to prove the world that its place on the fast growing and fiercely competitive market of the modern era is a well deserved one. Its debut with the first remarkable lines named after famous historical figures have already brought a shift in the technological approach to watch making and are probably going to set a deep imprint on the further development of timekeeping devices. The Steffen watches are the only ones that can insure a 110 days power reserve, a performance which says a lot just by itself and that commends appreciation and recognition. Steffen is a name we will sure be hearing of in the many years to come.

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