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Sep 1

Steffen Julius Watch

       Just a few years ago a passionate man had a dream of starting his own watchmaking business. His dream came true and with it he name of Steffen started to bloom on the highly competitive and exclusivist market of luxury timepieces. The name of the brand takes after the founder, Steffen Ronald, a young man whose interest in building and observing watches surpassed the usual and became a most cherished occupation and means of personal and professional growth.

       Boasting three marvelous looking lines already, Steffen presented the world with their very first innovative ideas and proved that there is palpable evidence of their intention to revolutionize the watchmaking industry as we know it today.


       The Autogen registered invention refers to a new and never before imagined movement that uses a microgenerator to provide the precise keeping of time. The three stars of Steffen: Leonardo, Julius and Galileo are available with both Autogen and R.O.S.T (based on 25 jewels and a rate of 28800 vibrations per hour) automatic movements, depending on the client’s choice.

       Steffen Julius is one of the lines available at this moment from the Swiss manufacturer. The design of this particular watch combines elegance and a very particular type of fine taste in an eye catching design that accommodates the most incredible technical achievement of the last few years in the field of complex movements.


       At Steffen the preoccupation with elegance and high quality is expressed by the luxurious materials employed in the making of the timepieces, as well as in the meticulous attention paid to every single aspect of the handcrafting and assembly of these state of the art objects.

       The Swiss movements available with the Julius are sheltered in a sophisticated and perfectly finished case that is made of seven components coming together by screwing, a method which insures durability as well as quality and commitment to pursuing perfect water and dirt resistance. The material from which the cases are made is the strongest type of steel available on the market at the day, respectively Samurai steel. A dome shaped crystal sapphire treated for anti reflective qualities shelters the 45 millimeters diameter dial that bears the distinctive Steffen look known as the colosseum. Pink gold Roman numerals and hour markers resonate with the pink gold of the hands and of the bezel to create a color symphony that goes perfectly with the unusual and easy to remember looks of this large and elegant watch.

       The strap on the Steffen Julius is a mahogany crocodile leather one, adorned with the distinctive design buckle, to complete the one of a kind, high end look of the interpretation. Julius watches are available in several color schemes and boast the interesting feature of changing bezels. The manufacturer developed a secure system which allows you to change the bezel of your wristwatch as you please and as you find convenient for a special occasion or outfit.

       Whatever your choice of colors or movement may be, the Steffen Julius line gives you the opportunity to express your personality in a stylish and masculine manner that can never pass unnoticed.

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