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Aug 26

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer

        Although newly introduced in the world of watch manufacturing, Seiko has taken a daring step towards creating something that was in need for quite some time now, a watch dedicated to professional sailors. With a major focus on functionality, Seiko also put a stress on the design lines and on the whole concept of making of this truly functional watch something appealing to the eye. The result was impressive as the new Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer oozes elegance, power and most importantly, functionality.

        This time Seiko has strayed itself from the spectrum of time by trying to combine the needs of other fields of activity with the magical artistry of watch manufacturing. The new Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer is not only a timepiece measuring hours, minutes or seconds, but also a reliable instrument for professional sailors.

        Out of the 5 new timepieces included in the Seiko’s 2009 Watch Collection, we wouldn’t be wrong in stating that Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer is the most noticeable of them, because of its unique design and its extraordinary resistance.

        The word that would best describe this Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer is innovation as the designers from Seiko have come up with one of the most revolutionary designs in the watch making industry. The brilliant idea behind this revolutionary design was generated by the need to create the best water proof timepiece there is. Because the traditional movement of the bezel would have represented a problem, the designers have chosen the best alternative that of the bezel to be screwed inside the case, this technology reminding us of the assembly of cars. To make this technology possible, the designers have used for the case a strap of the latest generation made of materials such as leather and ballistic nylon to assure the best water resistance. The case of the new Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer is made of titanium and it’s very resistant to shock. The watch can reach a guaranteed water resistance of 200 meters and comes with a warranty.

        Being created especially for professional sailors, this watch displays some of the most desirable instruments in the world of sailing. Apart from the general elements of a watch, this Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer is equipped with a compass and a wind speed indicator. Although measuring only 45 mm, the case of this watch shelters impressive equipment of the best functionality. Regarding its mechanism, the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer uses a 7T84 Caliber.

        Seiko has enjoyed a great deal of attention through the creation of such original and functional timepiece and so the brand has decided to go for a women’s version of this watch as well. The women series will use as basic material the stainless steel and the case and belt will be made as one and single piece. For the women’s collection some of the main professional sailing indicators have been removed, but still the watch maintains a sporty and daring design, with its white dial and the blue indicators. It was normal for the designers from Seiko to add a touch of femininity to the women’s Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer collection.

        The price of this unique Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer for men is about 950 euros, while the women’s version of this watch reaches the sum of 590 euros.

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