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Dec 8

Seiko Ananta Multi-Hand SPB019 Automatic

Maybe the most iconic member of the Japanese Haute Horology, Seiko is a watchmaking powerhouse internationally appreciated for the impeccable quality, reliability and outstanding sporty design of its horological products.

A Journey in Time: the Remarkable Story of Seiko started its existence during the last decades of the 19th century, when an enthusiast watchmaker named Kintarō Hattori created a small jewelry and wristwatches store. However, he was not satisfied with only selling wristwatches; in the following decade, he managed to assemble an independent watch manufacture, named Seikōsha, a derived from the Japanese word for minute, exquisite and success.


Nevertheless, his company gradually developed into a renowned watch manufacture that in the 1920s, changed its name into Seiko, a name that stands up to this day as a symbol of watchmaking innovation, forward thinking design and cutting-edge technology, appreciated by the watch-connoisseurs all over the world.

This year, the brand impressed its enthusiast customers with another eye-catching addition to the emblematic Seiko Ananta Watch Collection, the new Multi Hand Automatic SPB019 Watch, a sophisticated new model, which emanates sportiness and dynamism.


The model features a generously sized, round case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, and 13.5 mm in thickness, manufactured from stainless steel, which demonstrates an interesting combination of brushed and polished surfaces. The sporty architecture of the case incorporates a fluted crown, a black-coated bezel and a see-through case-back, which enables a curious eye to admire the sophisticated movement that animates the timepiece, but also, which allows the model to withstand down to 100 meters beneath the ocean’s surface.

A sporty timepiece, the model demonstrates a sleek black dial, completed with silver counters and stainless steel, applied hour indices and sward-shaped hands, fitted with central luminescent inserts for optimal legibility. Asides from the traditional central hours, minutes and seconds functions, the model provides power reserve display located between 7 and 11 o’clock, and day and date counters, located at 3, respectively 6 o’clock positions.


In addition, we have to mention that this outstanding model accommodates a top-class self-winding mechanical movement, which incorporates 29 jewels, and which oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 alternations per hour conferring thus, the advantage of 45 hours power reserve.

Especially designed for a charismatic modern gentleman, the model embraces the wrist with an interesting black crocodile leather strap, and it will be available for an approximate price of $2,000.00. However, a more conservator client can also choose, for the same price, the stylish Seiko SPB017, a classic model fitted with a silver dial and metallic bracelet.

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