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Sep 30

Seiko Ananta Mechanical GMT

        The story of an enormous success, as the brand’s official site portrays it as -A Journey in Time: the Remarkable Story of Seiko, captures indeed the legend of an enthusiast Japanese watch-maker, story dating back to the 1881, when Kintaro Hattori created a fine watches and jewelry store, then, 11 years later he started to manufacture and sell watches under the name of Seikosha an name derived from the Japanese word which is usually translated as minute, success or exquisite, but, the first watch produced under the Seiko label was launched later on, in 1924 and, ever since Seiko recorded a rapid growth, remaining forever carved in the history of Haute Horology as the first brand in the world which manufactured quartz watches and, and moreover patented the quartz chronograph.

        Widely accepted as one of the world’s finest watch-making brands, Seiko has became synonymous with unmatched timekeeping accuracy, bold innovative spirit, and the perfection of the finest design touches. The brand developed a close intertwining with the exciting and dynamic world of sports, which always required a trustworthy timekeeper of ultimate precision, which can create timepieces capable of accurately recording the smallest time intervals, therefore, throughout the years, Seiko has been elected several times as the timekeeper of major international events as the Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup, and lived up to its reputation every time.

        Singled in its branch through its dedication to continually improving the mechanisms and design of its watches, Seiko recently introduced another unique exclusive line which features the Spring Drive high-quality mechanical movements: the Seiko Ananta collection.

        Therefore the new Seiko timepiece, a model filled with a novelty air, the Ananta GMT Chronograph will surely become a coveted item among the worldwide Seiko enthusiast customers, as it is powered by the exclusive Seiko creation Caliber 8R28, a remarkable movement, equipped with a column wheel which also combines a vertical clutch especially engineered to provide the ultimate timekeeping exactitude, and furthermore displayed through the model’s case-back. Ananta GMT Chronograph has a sturdy masculine stainless steel case, which has received a black additional-resistance coating and can withstand up to 100 meters underwater.

        With a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour, the balance wheel confers a great three-day power reserve which is displayed furthermore within the dial design through an integrated katana-blade-shaped counter located at 7 and 8 o’clock positions. The minutes, hours and chronograph functions are displayed through three round counters; an additional second-time-zone is highlighted with a red arrow. The sporty powerful design of this model is completed by a refined classy black crocodile strap. Ananta GMT Chronograph is sober combination of style and Japanese latest technology and the comes accompanied by a price tag of around $3,160.00.

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