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Nov 10

RSW Simply Eight Watch Line

       Rama Watch SA, better known as RSW, is a Swiss watch-making brand, which started its existence during the past century, when an enthusiast watchmaker named M. A. Marachly, launched his small watch-manufacture. The first one of a long heirloom of master watchmakers, he followed an innovative life-guiding philosophy, and dedicated himself to creating exceptional timepieces, characterized by supreme beauty and mechanical complexity.

       Over the years, the brand never ceased to impress its impassionate fans, with remarkable new timepieces, which pushed further, every time around, the known limits of watch-making innovation, creativity and design.

       However, although, renowned for creating sophisticated timepieces, especially designed to please the demanding men of the 21st century, RSW also dedicates a lot of time and energy to pleasing the charismatic women of the day, and the new line we are going to present to you in the following article is the perfect example of the brand’s mastery.

       The sophisticated RSW Simply Eight Watch Line comprises many seductive models which emanate style and elegance, and which act as both a fashionable accessory, as well as a useful dual-time reliable timekeeping companion.

       Inspired by the powerful significance of the number 8, these lucky-charm wristwatches, feature two elegant cases, which intertwine forming a beautiful 8-shaped silhouette, measuring 46 mm in height and 19 mm in width and which will surely bring a plus of style and glamour to any dressy outfit.

       Sophisticated jewelry watches, the superb models of the RSW Simply Eight Watch Line demonstrates an elegant satin-polished finish and come set with 2, 24 or 44 white diamonds, with a total weight of 0,08 karats, 0,30 karats, respectively 0,47 karats.

       Furthermore, the models feature a minimalist dial design; the upper dial is available in black, silver or white mother-of-pearl, and comes nicely completed sward-shaped hour and minutes hands and with Roman numeral hour markers for the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, and diamond-set hour indices for the 6 and 12 o’clock positions. Moreover, the lower dial reveals a clean design, completed only with hour and minutes hands; it is also available in silver, black, and white mother-of-pearl randomly matched with the upper dial.

       The timepieces accommodate high-performance, Swiss-made quartz movements, which provide impeccable timekeeping accuracy and reliability. Moreover, the models come matched with stylish metallic bracelets, luxurious alligator, or genuine galuchat leather straps, and will probably cost from $500.00 up to $3,000.00.

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