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Mar 25

RSW Outland Men Watch

       RWS, or better known as Rama Watch SA, is a Swiss notorious watch-making brand, launched at the beginning of the 20th century, by an enthusiast entrepreneur, M.A. Marachly, who started a long heirloom of master watchmakers dedicated to creating exceptional timepieces defined by uncompromising innovation and supreme aesthetical harmony.

       Through the years, the brand never ceased to impress the watch connoisseurs worldwide with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design therefore becoming one of the trend-steers of the entire watch-making industry.


       Recently the brand created another remarkable timepiece with a sophisticated eye-catching design inspired by the brutalism (an architectural movement popular in the late 50s until the 70s and characterized by raw geometrical forms). The new impressive RSW Outland Watch a sporty masculine timepiece features a highly innovative way of displaying time – an intriguing combination of digital and analogue interface featuring rotating disks instead of the traditional hour and minutes hands, which confer the watch a strong modern appeal.

       The model features an oversized masculine case, measuring 52 mm in height, 44 mm width and 12 mm in thickness, and is available in 4 variations: matt 316L steel, black PVD-coated steel, matt 316L steel combined with black PVD-coated steel and 18-karat pink gold in combination with matt 316L steel, which can also feature diamond-embellishments (88 diamonds – 0.62 karats). The sophisticated architecture of the case incorporates moreover, a protective sapphire crystal and a winding-crown equipped with the brand’s patented foldout crank-system, enabling the timepiece to withstand down to 100 meters beneath the sea surface.


       The RSW customer can choose a black, grey or a pink gold, futuristic-looking dial, which displays hours, minutes and seconds on concentric discs, fitted with Arabic numeral hour markers, highlighted in white. The brand’s designers have created, thus a very interesting easy-to-follow, time-display which is neither digital nor analogue. Renouncing at the hands, they have brought to life an intriguing timepiece, which will surely be the zest of an impassionate watch connoisseur’s collection.

       At the heart of the modern sporty RSW Outland Watch beats a high precision, self-winding automatic movement, made in Switzerland, which guarantees the highest standards of timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

       Especially created for a daring contemporary man, keen on up-to-date aesthetics and immaculate functionality, the eye-catching RSW Outland Watch comes matched with a sporty black rubber strap and it will be available for an approximate price between $3,000.00 up to $12,000.00, depending on the materials used.

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