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Mar 29

RSW Nazca G Power Reserve

       Launched at the beginning of the 20th century, by M.A. Marachly, a visionary entrepreneur, RSW (Rama Watch SA) is a Swiss watch-making powerhouse that carries on the rich heritage of the RSW master watchmakers, dedicated to creating exceptional timepieces defined by uncompromising innovation and supreme aesthetical harmony.

       Fateful to its life-guiding principles and traditions, RWS never ceased to fascinate its enthusiast customers worldwide with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design, always pushing one step forward the one of the trend-steers of the entire watch-making industry.


       Recently the prestigious watch-making brand created another sophisticated timepiece, defined by bold design, masculine robustness and sporty dynamism- the powerful new RSW Nazca G Power Reserve.

       The watch features a very interesting, oversized facet-cut hexagonal case measuring 49 mm in diameter, which brings a plus of powerful masculinity. The sophisticated architecture of the case demonstrates a nice combination of very well chiseled edges and polished surfaces. The sporty aggressiveness of the new RSW Nazca G Power Reserve is furthermore enhanced by the Arabic numerals carved in the surface of the bezel, and by the modern design of the dial. Furthermore, the watch’s case incorporates the brand’s patented crank system, which implies that the watch’s owner has to twist out and then turn (like in the case of a crank) in order to adjust the time.


       The timepiece’s dial boldly combines different textures and an interesting combination of symmetries and asymmetries, surprisingly the “+” and “-“, indicators of the power reserve are placed on the opposite side of the dial compared to the actual position of the power-reserve hand, this design option, enables a clear view of the sunburst array pattern steaming from the power-reserve hand. The sporty dial of the timepiece is, furthermore completed by applied hour indices and hour and minutes hands treated with luminescent coating, for optimal time-legibility in poor or no light conditions.

       At the heart of the eye-catching RSW Nazca G Power Reserve beats, a high precision modified ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, which confers the advantage of a 42-hours power-reserve.


       Especially created for a daring, charismatic man of the 21st century, the new RSW Nazca G Power Reserve is available matched with stylish black or brown calfskin strap, fitted with red or orange stitching or, a sportier comfy rubber strap. Moreover, the model was manufactured in a few variations asides from the grey tones – in white, red and black, and its production was limited to 50 pieces, per tone and will be available for an approximate price tag of $5,000.00.

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