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Apr 5

RSW Moonflower Watch

       Built in the 20th century, by an enthusiast entrepreneur, M.A. Marachly, RSW, or Rama Watch SA, is a Swiss well-known company that manufactures high quality watches, according to the experience and expertise of a long heirloom of master watchmakers dedicated to creating exceptional timepieces defined by uncompromising innovation and supreme aesthetical harmony.

       The brand never strayed from its life-guiding principles, tradition and philosophy, and it always impressed the watch connoisseurs worldwide with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking design, soon entering the elitist world of the most prestigious members of today Haute Horology.

       Nevertheless, in spite of creating countless watch lines, dedicated to its demanding gentleman-customers, RSW also dedicated a lot of time and energy to pleasing its demanding ladies of the 21st century. The brand always brought an audacious approach to watch making, creating superb, objects of horological art, bound to bring a plus of powerful femininity and individuality to a modern woman’s delicate wrist, just like the superb new RSW Moonflower, the latest addition to the brand’s watch collection.

       The remarkable RSW Moonflower -a lady’s mechanical watch, very rare nowadays, is defined by aesthetical perfection and mechanical sophistication, masterfully combined in a genuine masterpiece of horological art. The watch draws its inspiration in the eternal poetry of the celestial spheres, the moon and the meteorites, but also retains more earthly, yet also powerfully romantic symbol of the flower.

       The timepiece emanates an unmatched sensuality. It features an oversized round case, measuring 40 x 12.9 mm, manufactured from stainless steel or black PVD-coated steel, which is furthermore matches with an oval bezel, with or without diamond setting, it can feature 42 diamonds- 0.3-karats, while the most luxurious variation of the model, receives the seductive glitter of 62 diamonds- 0.47-karats.

       The powerful, vanguard design of the timepiece, reveals the delicate movement of three rotating dials, performed in black, grey or white, which unconventionally display the time.

       At the heart of the eye-catching RSW Moonflower Watch beats a high precision ETA automatic mechanical movement, the ETA 2824-2, which incorporates the reliable Incabloc, anti-shock system, and provides immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

Especially designed for a confident, fashionable woman, RSW Moonflower watch comes matched with a comfy black rubber strap and it will be available for a price ranging from $2,200.00 to $4,600.00.

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