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Apr 9

RSW Loop Quality Swiss Watch

       Created in the 20th century, by a visionary entrepreneur of his time, M.A. Marachly, RSW, which stands for Rama Watch SA, is a Swiss well-known watch-making brand, based on the experience and expertise of a long heirloom of master watchmakers dedicated to creating exceptional timepieces defined by uncompromising innovation and supreme aesthetical harmony.

       Always fateful to its life-guiding principles, tradition and philosophy, the brand never ceased to impress the watch connoisseurs worldwide with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking design, no wonder it is among the most prestigious trend-steers of the entire watch-making industry.


       Through the years, RSW dedicated a lot of time and energy to pleasing its demanding lady-customers, and always brought an audacious approach to watch making, creating superb, objects of horological art, bound to bring a plus of powerful femininity and individuality to a modern woman’s delicate wrist.

       Recently the skilled RSW designers brought to life another charming new model dedicated to women, the innovative RSW Loop Watch, a sublime combination of poetic delicacy and seductiveness, which wonderfully expresses the complex, and eternally fascinating feminine nature.

       The new RSW Loop Watch features an elegant stainless steel case, which incorporates a protective sapphire crystal, and ensures a water-tightness of 30-meters. The charming model also features an eye-catching double ellipse bezel, which artistically expresses the never-fading beauty of the time and space eternal union.


       The fashionable timepiece features a wide range of dial colors, (white, grey, brown, and black), performed in dainty mother-of-pearl too, and which incorporates classy applied Roman numerals hour markers, and elegant shaped hour and minutes hands. Furthermore, the beautiful dial of the timepiece is embellished with the seductive glitter of 81 diamonds (totalizing 0.34-karats).

       At the heart of the charming RSW Loop Watch beats a high quality, Swiss made quartz movement, which ensures optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

       The perfect combination, between a highly functional timekeeping companion and a sophisticated fashionable accessory, the new RSW Loop Watch comes matched with a delicate satin strap performed in the same color as the dial, and it will be available for a price starting with $500.00 for the steel variation up to 5,200.00 for the diamond-embellished variations.

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