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Dec 5

Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Grande

        Romain Jerome is a renowned Swiss watch-making brand which stands up among the finest members of today’s Haute Horology as one of the most daring and innovator watchmaker. Its famous DNA lines always have astounded Romain Jerome’ enthusiast fans worldwide, striking through their mind-numbing audacity and powerful contemporary design, always ready to strike and push, one step further the outer limits of imagination.

         Romain Jerome’s master creations are embedded with a particular emotional allure, with a powerful historical imprint and a profound individuality, given by their high-end detail touches and unique choice of materials. Both fashionable and provocative a Romain Jerome watch can only be loved or hated, there’s no middle ground, or compromise, and Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande watch makes no exception.


        Enriching the famous Titanic-DNA collection, this model also incorporates pieces recovered from the RMS Titanic’s wreck. Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande watch is animated by a Concepto developed exclusive self-winding RJ2 tourbillon caliber.

        The timepiece features a highly masculine powerful 50 mm case, manufactured either from titanium or stainless steel, which features as an individualizing detail touch the presence of four claws, manufactured from stainless steel, ceramic or pink gold which actually enlarge the architecture of the case with 3 mm and reinforce the strong ship-wreck appeal of the watch.

        The unique Titanic DNA bezel, is manufactured from steel taken from Harland & Wolff , the Belfast shipyard where the legendary boat was constructed and also from materials taken from the Titanic genuine ship-wreck, found at 3840 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, this fascinating bezel features 80 rivets all applied manually which confer it a rough venturesome aspect.

        The sophisticated tourbillon movement is revealed through the intricate dial architecture, fitted with anchor inspired hour hands and a XII oversized satin-brushed steel Roman numeral. An inquiring eye would surely notice the 4 bolts which draw their inspiration in the imposing aspect of a majestic ship’s watertight hatches. Furthermore the tourbillon cage is supported, during its 60-seconds full revolution, by a beveled steel bridge which also bears the weight of the sophisticated escapement. The astound eye can also admire the movement with its off-centered winding rotor shaped as an anchor, through the sapphire crystal case-back.

        The watch will be a highly exclusive edition of only 9 timepieces, available in a pink gold variation completed with rusted steel accents, along the stainless steel and titanium models. The sophisticated timepiece is furthermore fitted with a refined rubber or horn-back crocodile strap and is 50 meters water resistant, as for its price we can only estimate it will be titanic.

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