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Nov 3

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA

        Romain Jerome is a renowned watch-making brand, rooted in the Swiss centenary heirloom of master watchmakers, which earned a well established place among the finest powerhouses of today’s Haute Horology due to its commitment to aesthetical and technological innovation and to creating outrageously original timepieces which emanate ardent creative passion. Romain Jerome’s charismatic wristwatches pay a great tribute to the most fascinating stories of our time, which will permanence for centuries to come in the minds of our next generations. And the skilled watchmaker captured their spirit and brought to life watches embedded with a special historical presence and defined by daring vanguard design and striking contemporary appeal.


        Keeping their successful innovative pattern unaltered and adding some more enhancements, Romain Jerome enriched its DNA-Famous Legends with another amazing exclusive line which incorporates materials taken from the Soyuz space-shuttles, space-suits and other space-equipments which accompanied man in his first spaceflight that landed on the Moon. Romain Jerome Moon Dust Collection– released subsequently to the famous Titanic-DNA Collection, pays a great tribute to the legendary Moon landing of Apollo 11th feeding the imagination of space passionate dreamers and providing just a little personal piece of space and lunar dust attached to the their wrist.

        The watches are manufactured from a priceless combination of inaccessible materials: the eye-catching dial, fitted with tiny little craters, portraying the lunar landscape, incorporates genuine Moon dust collected from the rocks brought from the Apollo 11th expedition. The robust case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, is manufactured from titanium and steel, and incorporates small amounts of the Apollo 11th space-shuttle; the watch’s strap incorporates parts of the space-suits worn on the Moon. All these materials are legally certified in Switzerland by the ASE-The Association of Space Explorers; Romain Jerome produced 1,969 Moon-Dust-DNA timepieces, a number which marks the year of the emblematic space odyssey of Apollo 11th and will probably be fitted with stratospheric prices between $15,000.00 up to $50,000.00.

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