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Jul 5

Romain Jerome Selfridges DNA

The look of the newest Romain Jerome Selfridges DNA Watch is spectacular and mysterious. The timepiece is presented with a large 46mm case performed in dark PVD stainless steel stylized with satin finish and is equipped…. Continue reading

  Nov 7

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA A La Grande 50

       A brand, which always strived to capture the very soul of the historically significant events of our time, Romain Jerome recreated in its iconic Romain Jerome DNA-Famous Legends Watch Collection the particular feel of the moment and offered the true watch-impassionate, amazing horological creations. Continue reading

  Oct 31

Titanic DNA Rusted Steel Day & Night Spiral Extreme

       The remarkable new Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Rusted Steel Day & Night Spiral Extreme we are going to present to you in the following article retains the particular emotional imprint of the Titanic-DNA Collection, and it incorporates in its construction small fragments of the actual wreck of the legendary ship. Continue reading

  Jul 16

Titanic DNA Five Black T.BBBB.00.BB

       Recently the brand brought a beautiful new addition to its, by now famous, Titanic-DNA collection, the impressive Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Five Black Mens Watch another audacious wristwatch, which commemorates to the biggest tragedy of the 20th century – the RMS Titanic’s catastrophic accident. Continue reading

  Jul 13

T-Oxy IV Pink Gold Ultimate Rust

       Recently the brand introduced a new spectacular addition to its emblematic Titanic-DNA collection, the exquisite Romain Jerome T-Oxy IV Pink Gold Ultimate Rust Watch another limited edition (2,012 pieces), which pays tribute to the largest tragedy of the past century – RMS Titanic’s catastrophe. Continue reading

  Jul 8

Titanic DNA Pink Gold and White Ceramic

       Recently the brand brought a superb new addition to its emblematic DNA-Famous Legends Collection, the new Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Pink Gold and White Ceramic Watch, a limited edition of 2012 pieces, that commemorates to the biggest tragedy of the 20th century – the RMS Titanic’s catastrophic accident. Continue reading

  Apr 29

Romain Jerome Moon Invader

       Recently, Romain Jerome introduced another superb horological creation, especially designed for those who worship the lunar adventurers, and desire to carry a piece of their glory attached to the wrist, the impressive Romain Jerome Moon Invader watch. Continue reading

  Dec 5

Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Grande

        Enriching the famous Titanic-DNA collection, this model also incorporates pieces recovered from the RMS Titanic’s wreck. Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande watch is animated by a Concepto developed exclusive self-winding RJ2 tourbillon caliber. Continue reading

  Nov 27

Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA T-oxy III Chronograph

        Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronographincorporates pieces recovered from the Titanic’s ship-wreck. Titanic-DNA rusted steel T-oxy III Chronograph is a highly masculine reinterpretation of the Titanic chronograph theme. The charismatic bezel of the watch was manufactured from … Continue reading

  Nov 13

Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillon

        Romain Jerome Cabestan Titanic DNA Tourbillonfeatures many original, unique features as the transversal mechanical arrangements, the stunning revolutionary design of the cylindrical power reserve and time display, the chain-fusee system enabled by a detachable winding winch and the amazing vertically positioned one-minute tourbillon.
Continue reading

  Nov 5

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver

        Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA Steel Mood Silver watch is a true masterpiece of Romain Jerome’s craftsmanship and, a rare delicacy for the enthusiast collectors worldwide, as it reunites both mechanical excellence and exceptional aesthetics. Drawing its designing inspiration from the crated and poked lunar surface, the watch has a unique special charisma. Continue reading

  Nov 3

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA

        Romain Jerome Moon Dust Collection– released subsequently to the famous Titanic-DNA Collection, pays a great tribute to the legendary Moon landing of Apollo 11th feeding the imagination of space passionate dreamers and providing just a little personal piece of space and lunar dust attached to the their wrist. Continue reading





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