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Jan 16

Trade Rolex Submarier or any Pre Owned Rolex

I decided to write my story in a few words describing how I managed to find this amazing place that allows people to get the best deal for what they have to offer.

Here I was one day when I decided to trade my Rolex Submariner time piece for a different model and I didn’t know where to start from. I started asking my friends if they have a different Pre Owned Rolex that they would like to trade for my Rolex Submarier but none of them were collectors like me so they didn’t have any clue on why I would want to trade such a piece. They tot that I’m having a hard time with money and they tried to get close to me and talk about it.

I quickly understood that doing business with friends is not the best idea in the world since it tends to come with all kind of attachments so I had to try and search for a buyer for my Rolex Submarier by other means. And by trying to trade it in the local newspaper not only that I started getting strange calls but I also got strange visits at home in front of my family from all kind of people that tried to either tell me that my Rolex Submarier is some kind of fake or they tried to convince me that their Pre Owned Rolex is not a fake even though you could figure that out just by not being a 12 year old alone.

Following the natural course of events I tried look on the internet as well I’m a Pre Owned Rolex collector after all so I know a thing or two about these watches. The number of websites out there that promise to take care of such transactions is limited but yet so many of them are obviously scams. But this time I was convinced that I’m going to find a serious website that trades Pre Owned Rolex watches.

After a few weeks of on and off searches of the internet I stumbled over Bob’s Watches which is a website that not only promises to buy or sell Pre Owned Rolex watches but also takes care of collectors such as myself in getting a realistic price and a fair trade for their watches.

I was at firs suspicious of his website since I knew how crewel internet is but once I read some more into it I got to know how thinks work over at Rob’s. Eventually I decided to go ahead with a trade for a different Pre Owned Rolex for my Rolex Submarier. The entire process was easier than I expected and no scary people that visited my home were involved. I checked the package that I got and all the markings and engraftments that are supposed to be on a real Rolex watch were present.
I recommend this website and I send my regards to Rob’s and congratulate him for the wonderful job he did here for every Rolex owner out there.

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