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Aug 7

Rolex GMT Master II

      One of the most prominent brands on the watch industry market, if not the most renowned, Rolex benefits of a legacy rooted in the small business put together by Wilsdorf and Davis in early XXth century London. Over the years the Swiss manufacturer has come to be an affirmation of status rather than just a guarantee of precise time measurement equipments. Materials used for the case of the watches speak of luxury by a refined combination of jewelry and practical efficacy.

      One of the most publicly acclaimed and loved models launched by the Genevese manufacturers are the Rolex GMT Master. Part of the Rolex Professional watch collection this exquisite piece was launched as early as 1954 and was designed to help pilots traveling through multiple time zones. It is also said to have been a favorite of many NASA members. A later model of the GMT Master was presented in 1983 and featured a sapphire crystal which could not be easily scratched. This was to become the GMT Master II whose production stopped in 2007, only to give way to a worthier successor, the 116710 GMT Master II, introduced at the 2007 Basel World Fair.

      The new model brought considerable improvements, among which Rolex fans will be happy to notice: the thick sapphire crystal, black ceramic dynamical robust bio-directional rotating bezel, (this type of ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to abrasions and discoloration), the movement has been updated to a new caliber which makes the movement of the hour hand much smoother and more precise when setting the hour hand than it was with the older version. Additionally, the main spring has been replaced with one which is more temperature resistant, which makes the watch more precise. With the new Rolex GMT Master II the hour markers are larger, the minute hand and the hour hands being both slightly wider, as well. The crown is larger, heavier, easier to grasp, and makes the watch more water resistant, with a 100 meters submerging autonomy.

      Other delicacies include the engraving with the Rolex word all the way around, and the fact that the links in the center of the oyster bracelet are polished instead of brushed. This model features a slightly taller case.

      Old quality markers take forth the Rolex tradition in this brand new version: the 31 jewel chronometer, the four hands (hour hand, 12 h hand, seconds and minutes hands), stainless steel case but also available in a 18 K massive gold case, tracks multiple time zones.

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