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Oct 15

Rolex Cellini Prince White Gold

       There’s nothing more that we could say to enhance Rolex’s popularity in the world of watch manufacturing, as this is a company with an incredible evolution, being considered amongst the 100 most powerful brands in the world. This reputation wasn’t easy to gain, Rolex has always paid tribute to quality, exquisiteness and value and these were the values that made from a small company of watch manufacturing an iconic brand on the international level. The collections of watches introduced by Rolex are statements of the purest elegance and genuine quality and they feature watches peculiar to Rolex, with a multitude of functions and with interesting and chic designs.

       One of the most elegant and fancy collections introduced by Rolex goes by the name of the Cellini Collection, a collection that has brought together unique and trendy watches characterized by an attentive choice for materials and their quality. Most watches are either crafted from gold and platinum and are equipped with Rolex original movements able to generate amazing functions.


       A star timepiece of the Rolex Cellini Collection is the new Prince White Gold Model, a timepiece that presents exquisite details of design and embraces a very contemporary look. The rectangular case of this new watch is shiny and crafted from white gold, being extremely sophisticated in terms of design. Covered in sapphire crystal, the white gold case is connected smoothly through two discreet lugs with the black strap made from leather. The Cellini collection is one oriented to elegance and style and so the black – silvery color theme embraced by the new Prince White Gold Model is more than appropriate to portray Rolex’s innovative and trendy spirit.

       The black dial makes use of two rectangular sub-dials to express the main functions of the new Rolex Cellini Prince White Gold Model; the upper sub-dial presents the functions of hours and minutes, while the lower sub-dial the function of seconds. The reliability of these functions is unquestionable, as this watch is equipped with a COSC certified movement that can offer the best accuracy there is.

       The design of the new Rolex Cellini Prince White Gold Model is thought for those customers who appreciate quality, but who love the idea of modernity and trends. Quite contemporary and extremely stylish, the new watch presented by the Cellini Collection maintains some standard features as the other models included in this line, one of those standards being the black leather strap, hand-sewn with black thread and fitted with a white gold butterfly clasp.

       A watch with personality, the new Rolex Cellini Prince White Gold Model proves to be the perfect wrist accessory that can offer you accuracy, quality and prestige.

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