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Oct 5

Rolex Cellini Collection Cellinium Platinium

       Elegance, quality and functionality are just a few words that could easily summarize Rolex’s existence on the market of watch manufacturing ever since its foundation back in 1905. Established by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex has come to be regarded as the salt and pepper of the watch making industry, with its interesting watch concepts that make use of the most sophisticated and resistant materials and propose unique functions.

       Rolex was ranked by the Business Magazine on the 71 position out of 100 most powerful trademarks in 2007, this place being justified not only by its long lasting tradition, but also by the pioneering watches released by the brand.


       The stylish collection Cellini makes room for yet another classy watch by its name of Cellinium Platinium, an extremely sophisticated timepiece that brings out Rolex’s passion for excellence and authenticity. The new watch is obviously crafted from platinum, one of the most expensive materials in watch manufacturing, mainly used in the manufacturing of limited edition collections. The round case of the Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinium Watch adds seductiveness and appeal to the whole design, based on shiny surfaces and black.

       The dial presents a traditional approach by displaying an all in all black theme, completed by a circular line for the minutes’ indications, along with simple indexes for the hour markers. The detailing from the dial is crafted as well from white gold, matching the case and bezel of the watch. The function for the seconds is displayed through a sub-dial located neatly above 6 o’clock, adding a nice sense of coordination to the dial.


       The Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinium Watch provides the traditional functions of time accurately though the exclusive Swiss made movement designed to satisfy the demands of the most pretentious watch connoisseurs. Rolex has been developing outstanding technical movements that made history at times and are nowadays landmark mechanisms of the watch manufacturing tradition.

       To match perfectly the black dial of the new Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinium Watch, the designers from Rolex chose a black leather strap that defines the refinement and sophistication given by the platinum. All in all, the new Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinium Watch represents a watch for the elites, a watch that offers distinction and exclusivity to anybody wearing it. Definitely worth buying, the new Rolex Cellini Cellinium Platinium Watch can be your own piece of subtle extravagance in a world where taste and sophistication have a special importance.

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