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Sep 24

Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold

       Always a quality-oriented brand, the iconic Rolex continues to maintain the standards high by releasing extremely refined timepieces for its sophisticated customers. Rolex has always respected its customers by manufacturing watches that make of the finest and most resistant materials, the best technologies and functions and also, the most effected and refined designs. The Cellini Collection presents its white gold model Cellini Cestello, an outstanding watch build in a standard Rolex manner, being focused on subtlety and discreetness.

       The Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold watch was released as a statement of high class style and extreme elegance, as the product does bring back the vintage appeal of the 1960’s, but recreates at the same time the subtle trends of our modern days. The round case is seductive due to its shiny surfaces and to the quality of the white gold employed in the manufacturing process. Apart from a shiny bezel and a traditionally placed crown, the new Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold watch doesn’t possess any further complications or decorative details. The dial matches perfectly the idea of elegance embraced by the Rolex designers and approaches a shade of black mother of pearl, with nuances of brown.


       This extremely simple design of the new Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold is quite catchy for those of us who appreciate quality, value and also, reputation. The only functions displayed by this watch are those of hours and minutes, indicated through central hands crafted from white gold that point out to Roman numerals as hour markers. The choice for Roman numerals rather than Arabic ones was extremely well-thought, as the designers wanted to maintain a posh approach to design, one oriented to tradition and a high-class manifestation of style.

       The final touch of design is given by the brown leather strap sewn with white thread. The gorgeous strap fits wonderfully the whole idea of prestigious design, as the new Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold is definitely a wanted watch. The irresistible classiness of this model accentuates even more Rolex’s passion for watch manufacturing, passion that over the years has made from a small watch making brand a fearless empire of Haute Horology. Definitely a must have if you’re a Rolex enthusiasts, the new Rolex Cellini Cestello White Gold will prove to be the best wrist accessory and the most daring statement of success.


       The nature of the Rolex watches is to impress through subtlety and authenticity and that’s why Rolex is still writing its successful story with the introduction of new and more progressive collections each year.

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