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Aug 28

Roger Dubuis King Square

        With a reputation for creating seductive and innovative timepieces, Roger Dubuis has enjoyed a great deal of attention from its fans over the years. By applying the most advanced technology, Roger Dubuis has proven itself to be one of the most reliable brands in the watch making industry. Roger Dubuis has as a declared philosophy the intention to create highly individual timepieces, stating that Roger Dubuis represents a unique identity code.

        Continuously struggling to maintain a respectable position in the watch making industry, Roger Dubuis has promised its audiences to always pay respect to quality, style and innovation. So far, Roger Dubuis has managed to fulfill all the requirements of a society interested in acquiring unique timepieces and its creations reflect passion for good taste, seductive design and high-end technical know how.

        Although focusing more on the idea of innovative design, Roger Dubuis hasn’t neglected either the technical requirements of a serious timepiece. All its creations have become examples of masterpieces, as they combine the avant-garde look with the most advanced technology in watch manufacturing. One of the best examples of such creations can be the Roger Dubuis Kingsqaure collection, a collection which features both men and women watches. This collection will place Roger Dubuis once again amongst the leaders of the market, as its creative designs have caught the attention of the fans worldwide.

        The Roger Dubois Kingsquare collection and the previous Excalibur and SAW collections make of the Roger Dubuis brand one of the most admired brands of the moment. Judging by the contemporary and seductive design of the displayed timepieces it’s not hard at all to foresee the success of such collection. This collection too is a winner in the watch making industry.

        The collection features both men and women watches. The men’s version has a 40 mm case, while the ladies’ version’s case measures only 36 mm. The watch impresses the eye with its square-shaped design covered by a unique triple-faceted sapphire crystal, both front and back. The materials used for the case are either gold or titanium, accompanied by rubber.

        The men’s collection comes in three versions, while the ladies’ collection only in two. The men’s collection features a model with a flying tourbillon and another displaying a skeletonized dial with the KS02 “code name”, reminding of the watch’s movement number RD02SQ. One of the ladies’ versions is endowed with a flying tourbillon and uses a flowery patterened dual surrounding a central guilloche zone.

        For this ladies’ Kingsqure collection, the producers have chosen to make a 28-piece limited edition, featuring white or rose gold and with a skeletonized dial with interesting designs on it. The touribillon carriage has inscribed three hearts and a blue small second hand, hinting to a Cupid’s arrow.

        It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift for your special someone because this Roger Dubuis Kingsqaure could never disappoint the person who’s wearing it. With its fashionable design and its amazing functionality you can be sure that you’re not wasting your money.

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