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Jul 12

RM 019 Tourbillon Celtic Knot

       One of the most important luxury watch-manufacturers in the world, Richard Mille is a powerful young brand, which was launched at the beginning of this millennium, and which experienced an amazing development during the past decade, becoming a name synonymous with watch-making latest technological advancements and seductive, highly contemporary aesthetics.

       Although, the brand always strived to create revolutionary timepieces, fateful to the guiding principles of the 21st century’s Haute Horology, rooted in the exhilarating world of racing and aeronautic engineering, Richard Mille’s designers, also showed a profound commitment to please the brand’s lady customers.


       A vivid embodiment of the brand’s philosophy, the spectacular Richard Mille RM 019 “Celtic Knot” Lady’s Watch combines innovative design sophisticated architecture, fresh combination of materials and unmatched technical complexity, for a lady’s model.

       The watch features the brand’s signature tonneau shaped case, nicely sculpted from 18-karat white gold, which demonstrates a sporty brushed finish, and which measures 38.3 mm x 45 mm, and 12.3 mm in thickness. The sophisticated construction of the case incorporates a large crown, fitted with Alcryn collar, and confers 50 meters water resistance.


       An astounded eye of a watch enthusiast will surely be impressed by the timepiece’s splendid skeleton dial, which delights the viewer with the delicate dance of the black onyx movement. This rich black precious stone, was selected, part for its stability regardless of the changes in the surrounding temperature, part due to its remarkable aesthetic qualities, which enhance the supreme beauty of the diamond studded Celtic Knot, bridge. The watch ensures, asides the tourbillon complication, off-centered hours and minutes, along a power-reserve indicator, presented between 10 and 11 ‘clock.


       Furthermore, at the heart of the superb Richard Mille RM 019 “Celtic Knot” Lady’s Watch beats a wonderfully decorated, hand-wound, mechanical movement, which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 alternations per hour, and which confers the advantage of a 48-hour power reserve.

       A true alchemy of shapes, materials and significant details, the exquisite Richard Mille RM 019 “Celtic Knot” Lady’s Watch, comes matched with a stylish black leather strap, and it will also be available in an 18-karat rose gold variation, both coming for an approximate price tag of $325,000.00.

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