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Nov 15

Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa America Edition

        Risen at the dawns of a new millennium Richard Mille is a watch -making brand which acquired international fame due to creating high-performance timepieces which embody the 21st century’s guiding principles of watch-making industry, and, at the same time, testify about a profound connection between the skilled watchmaker and the adrenalin-inflicting world of motor sports, as well as with the aerospace industry, the main sources of inspiration for Richard Mille.

        Nevertheless Richard Mille’s timepieces reveal a privileged intertwining between the master watchmaker and the racing cars engineering field, an unfailing source of inspiration for countless new models of immaculate accuracy, unmatched performance and powerful racy aesthetics.

        In order to celebrate a profound friendship between the brand’s founder, Richard Mille and Felipe Massa, the famous Formula 1 Brazilian pilot, dating back to 2006, Richard Mille launched another sporty timepiece the eye-catching RM 011 model, manufactured in red gold in a limited edition of 30 timepieces, and especially dedicated to the series of America.


         The RM 011 Felipe Massa America Edition combines the warmth of the red gold with the vivid powerful red accents of the dial and crown. The watch’s case, defined by masculine robustness measures 50×40 mm, and its central core is manufactured from titanium which received DLC treatment. The massif dimensions of this model reveal technical innovations- the adjustable geometry skeleton rotor, the fly-back chronograph equipped with hors, minutes, seconds, 60-minutes countdown function, 12-hours totalizer, large date aperture and an annual calendar that has the capacity of taking into account the 30/31 monthly variations. The semi instantaneous date-display is made through a horizontal red-framed aperture positioned at 12 o’clock position; meanwhile the 4.30 Arabic numerals mark a semi-instantaneous month display.

        A highly contemporary timepiece defined by immaculate precision and astounding functionality, the RM 011 Felipe Massa America Edition will surely be a coveted item for the enthusiast watch collectors who combine their passion for high-end and high-quality watches with another consuming passion for the world of horse-power and speed, all for a fair price of approximately $96,000.00.

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