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Jan 16

Rado V10K Concept Chronograph

        Launched in 1917, Rado initially produced only watch movements and it wasn’t until 1957 that the brand created its first watch collection, and ever since, the Swiss watchmaker headquartered in Lengnau never ceased to upgrade its models and to impress watch-connoisseurs worldwide with amazing timepieces above all characterized by remarkable durability.

        It is worth mentioning that, in the elitist world of the Haute Horology, Rado’s name will always be associated with the creation of the very first scratch-proof timepiece in the world: the highly appreciated Rado Diastar, an innovative timepiece that astounded mass audience. The release of this bold concept has been followed by the introduction of many highly innovative materials such as the widely used sapphire crystal and also by the creation of the hardest watch on earth- the diamond coated V10K Line a pioneer collection that in 2009 received another remarkable addition.

Rado V10K Concept Chronograph Picture

        The original V10K model presented in 2004 featured a revolutionary high-tech diamond surface that boasts a mind-numbing hardness of 10,000 Vickers, which can only be matched by a natural diamond.

        The skilled engineering team of this brand continually explored and developed new and sophisticated technological processes which lead to creating high-tech materials with very complex structures and proprieties.

         The new Rado V10K Concept Chronograph features an innovative ultra-light ceramic case matched with component parts of the watch’s mechanism that are furthermore manufactured from a very light material-titanium, therefore conferring the timepiece an astounding resistance and lightweight. The watch’s component parts- the case-back, push-pieces, crown and bracelet, were coated in high-tech diamond, a unique feature which confers the watch not only a remarkable hardness but also a beautiful matt finish.

        The timepiece also features a sapphire crystal with an intricate structure, and an inquiring eye can discover a deliberate sophisticated design that accents the lively nature of the wristwatch.

        Rado V10K Concept Chronograph also features a very interesting dial design that reminds us of a dashboard, and it is furthermore coupled with an innovative bracelet manufactured from a high-tech material with a core of elastic shape memory alloy that perfectly adjusts the owner’s wrist therefore providing the ultimate comfort along with the watch’s immaculate timekeeping accuracy.

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